5 Practical Tips To Maximize Condo Security


While condominiums are generally safer than most other types of properties because communities are close-knit, homeowners associations and condo owners still need to invest in specific security measures.

So, if you’re a condo owner or HOA board member, we have listed some of the most practical tips to boost condo security.

Use Access Control Measures

Condominiums are considered safer living environments compared to other kinds of properties, but access control is essential. While crime is less likely within closed-off communities, it’s crucial to ensure criminals can’t enter the community.

Key fobs or key cards and keypads are a great option. With this, access codes must be updated regularly to heighten security, and key fobs or cards must be deactivated for old tenants quickly.

Find Reliable Management Services

Landlord property management in Scarborough and similar services in other areas have experience with condo security management. These services can assist with surveillance system maintenance and access control management to ensure all residents are well-protected.

Even so, verifying that the management service you choose has experience in condo property management is essential. You can inquire about condo security plans and relevant security measures to decide which management service in your area is best for you and the condo community.

Keep Residents Security Conscious

Even with all the latest security measures, residents must still be security conscious. Otherwise, residents could carelessly allow criminals to access the condo building or overlook suspicious activity.

It’s essential to help nurture a sense of security within the condo community. Communicate with residents about the importance of being vigilant while encouraging security-conscious habits. Residents must also be aware of security protocols. Moreover, residents must understand the importance of reporting lost or stolen access devices as soon as possible.

Invest In Proper Lighting

Lighting is a significant component in any property security plan; enough lighting makes it harder for criminals to go unseen. Investing in proper outdoor lighting and keeping the building illuminated around the clock is an effective way to deter intruders and keep the community safe.

In addition, it’s also critical to ensure lighting is maintained correctly. Broken and blown lightbulbs must be replaced quickly. If lighting systems are not well-maintained, they won’t be effective in deterring criminals.

Improve Surveillance Systems

Surveillance is undeniably an essential security measure for any kind of property. Without surveillance, the condo community is exposed to crime, while finding criminals will be near impossible without surveillance footage.

You can work with your management service to implement top-rated surveillance systems and to ensure cameras are placed strategically, equipped with the newest technology, regularly maintained, and repaired when needed.

Improving access control and surveillance systems and installing a secure lighting plan are all essential measures to boost security for the whole condo community. At the same time, a professional management service will simplify and improve condo security measures. But even with all of the essential security measures and the best managing service, it’s still important to keep residents security-conscious.


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