Reasons Why the Spark Fades in a Relationship


What causes love to break, and why is it so hard to accept? In today’s article, let’s talk about why.

Falling in love is just as natural as falling in love. But there is no doubt that this is a situation that always makes us sad. The fact that we have to part with someone who has given us so much and who we have shared many moments with is heartbreaking for us.

But what exactly is causing this to happen? Today we are going to talk about this.

There are many reasons why love breaks down. But today we’re going to look at five of the most common reasons. In fact, there is nothing special about that reason. It’s a very common reason, but it’s what breaks a relationship.

Somone Tends to lose Interest

The first reason love breaks down has to do with changing interests. Suddenly, one of the two wants to move, or maybe they want to have children. In this way, when priorities and dreams change, the bond is bound to weaken.

When a couple’s interests do not match, their bond tends to weaken because they have nothing more to share.

Lack of Respect for each other

The second reason love breaks down has to do with respect. Respect is an integral part of a relationship. At least if you want a healthy relationship.

If you insult, demean, and swear at the other person, there is no room for love in the relationship anymore.

Resentment and Jealousy Take Place

The third reason love breaks down is jealousy. Jealousy of any kind towards the other person that persists over time and does not resolve is pathological.

So sometimes you may need to seek the help of a professional psychologist. Jealousy weakens relationships, fills them with mistrust, and damages them until nothing more remains.

Lack of Consideration for others

The fourth reason love breaks down is carelessness caused by our daily lifestyle and habits. Lack of attention to detail, lack of willingness to surprise the other person, lack of desire to buy the other person something they like on their special day, etc. Lack of consideration for the other person ruins the relationship and gradually destroys love.

Unmet Needs

The final reason love breaks down is an unmet need. We’re talking about each other’s sexual desires as well as a lack of hugs, active listening, and quality time to spend together. When these needs are not met and the intimacy disappears, relationships get fragile.

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Tips for overcoming broken hearts

A very important thing to keep in mind in any relationship is that nothing is certain. That’s why it’s so important to take care of the other person, pamper them, and try to maintain a good relationship.

However, some situations are beyond our control. For example, changing interests or unmet requirements that are no longer compatible. So what can we do in this situation? You have to work hard to get over your heartache.

Accept the Normality 

As I said before, falling in love is just as natural as falling in love. The pain of a breakup is so great that you have no choice but to feel repulsed by it, but this happens to everyone.

Moreover, although we may not be able to afford it now, once the wound has healed, we will find someone to love again.

Overcome the sadness

Parting is painful And sorrow is like a thorn in the body that we try to pluck. But jumping into a new relationship to avoid the grieving process is a big mistake.

Sadness allows us to accept that we are in love, mourn a breakup, and focus on ourselves. So let all your feelings out and love yourself more than ever.

Avoid contacting your EX while going through Breakdown in your Relationship 

Experts who specialize in emotional dependence advise against contacting your ex after a breakup. It is important to distance yourself from your ex to help the wound heal.

Many couples who do not end up, unfortunately, do so to distance themselves from each other and go through the grieving process.

Spend some ”Me” Time

Learning to be alone is part of the process of overcoming sadness. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to spend time alone.

Let’s do a lot of things on our own

As a couple, you may forget things you used to enjoy doing alone or feel insecure about going to the cinema, taking a walk, or drinking tea alone in a cafe.

But now is the time to take time for yourself, do things for yourself, and enjoy the moments you no longer need to share with others. Now we have to think only of ourselves.

There is no shortcut to overcoming a breakup

We tend to simplify our parting too much. But there is no shortcut to overcoming a breakup. Of course, it takes time to overcome sadness.

Of course, it will be very sad, but in the end, that time will give us a very special opportunity to be reunited with ourselves.


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