Resources Dyslexic Kids Need To Improve Their Reading


Dyslexia is a condition known worldwide for affecting how an individual processes numbers and words. It is a condition that impacts how a person learns. During the early days of learning, when a kid starts learning slower than others and finds it harder to grab the words, then it is a sign of a learning disability, popularly known as dyslexia.

One of the best ways to treat dyslexia to the best is by catching its signs and symptoms in the initial stage. But sometimes the signs and symptoms of dyslexia are often ignored or left untreated which just makes the learning disability worse. Many dyslexic people are not diagnosed with the condition until a few years into their schooling. Some even get to know about it into adulthood. The major reason behind this is less knowledge about dyslexia and lack of attention.

The learning improvement of dyslexic kids usually depends on a variety of factors. From providing the right learning enthronement, arranging an experienced Orton Gillingham tutor, to handling them and helping them with patience, all help a lot in improving their learning ability. Learning about the common dyslexia signs and more about it also makes it easy for parents to support their dyslexic kids and celebrate their strengths. Along with this, the other resources that dyslexic kids need to improve their reading are listed below.

Emotional Support

Dyslexic kids usually avoid reading because they feel that they will be laughed at or will not be liked by others for their learning disability. Many times parents and teachers fail to understand the root cause behind the slow performance of poor learning of the dyslexic. They either take high time to notice the signs and symptoms of dyslexia or calculate them wrongly with lack of interest or suborn behaviour of the kids.

To improve learning, dyslexic kids need proper understanding and emotional support. Attention to the needs of the dyslexic kids, and the reasons behind their slow performance and learning challenges help parents and teachers of dyslexic kids get a better understanding of dyslexia. This understanding not only just makes it easy for them to know about the patience required by dyslexic kids but also helps them provide the right support to the kids. When dyslexic kids are treated with patience, they feel valued and cared for, which further increase their interest turns to learn and help them before better learner.

Reading Encouragement

Due to challenges with learning and the inability to catch the words correctly and quickly, dyslexic kids remain frustrated and depressed. This frustration not just affects their self-confidence but also their interest in learning. They prefer avoiding learning and also make fewer efforts in grabbing the words. It becomes tough for them to complete sentences and words correctly and without any breaks. The learning disability also makes it tough for them to show their skills and perform like other kids. Sometimes, due to this, dyslexic kids even feel humiliated which further increases the risk of anxiety, depression and stress. However, reading encouragement by peers, parents and teachers helps dyslexic people improve their learning. The encouragement makes them feel valued due to which they start giving their best which is important for them to improve their learning.

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Right Learning Environment

Many times dyslexic kids do not show any sign of improvement because they do not get the right learning environment. The parents, as well as teachers, need to understand that dyslexic kids need good patience, time as well as right environment to feel valued, and secure. Parents who do not know how to handle and help their dyslexic kids prefer hiring Orton Gillingham tutor for them so they can be provided with the right learning environment. Orton Gillingham tutors use the Orton Gillingham approach that includes a variety of techniques and strategies that improves the confidence of dyslexic kids and help them get a better understanding of words, numbers, etc.

Success Celebration

Due to frustration and social anxiety, dyslexic kids do not perform as per the requirement. Their neither have much interest in learning nor do they make any efforts to improve their condition. But their skills are valued by others and achievements are celebrated properly, which gives them the confidence they need to perform better. Celebration of even small successes and improvements helps dyslexic kids improve their self-image. This also helps a lot in reducing the risk of anxiety, depression and stress among them, which is important for their health as well as improvement.

Final Thoughts

Dyslexic kids perform better when they get the right learning environment. The emotional support and patience of teachers and parents also encourage them to improve their learning and perform just like others. The use of Orton Gillingham’s approach at the right time helps to lower the risk of issues that makes the life of dyslexic kids more challenging.


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