Safety Tips for Riders and Drivers


Whether you’re a driver or a rider, you’re responsible for your own safety on the roads for your sake and those also on the road around you, whether pedestrians or other vehicle users. This is why this post is all about how to stay safe while cruising the open road. Learn just how you can remain a safe driver.

Update your insurance

Whether you are a biker or a regular driver, the first thing to do before even jumping onto the roads is to make sure your insurance is up to date. You should also know what your policy covers. In the event of an accident, it’s better to be equipped with as much information about your own insurance policy as possible to make any litigation or claims easier to process. This way, if you find yourself in need of speaking to personal injury lawyers like Brown and Crouppen Edwardsville, IL, you can make the process as easy as possible.

Safety tips for bikers

Take an extra safety course

Without the safety of a four-wheeled metal case around you, motorcyclists are much more at risk of being injured. In order to put your own safety first, it’s recommended you take an additional safety course that will help you practice maneuverability, hazard perception, and road safety.

Wear protective gear

Even if your state doesn’t state wearing a helmet as a law, it doesn’t mean you should risk riding without one. In fact, you should try to wear all the protective gear: long sleeves, proper pants, gloves, and padding are all recommended. These will help reduce the impact of an accident and prevent road rash.

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For both drivers and riders, accidents can be fatal within seconds. As a motorcyclist, it’s important to wear as much protective gear as possible, to avoid the worst-case scenario.

Think about the weather

The slightest change in weather can significantly impact the roads and your safety on them. If you’re planning a ride, whether it’s long or short, it’s always best to check the weather forecast before setting off. If it looks bad, with rain, ice, or snow forecast, it might be better to reschedule.

Remember T-CLOCs

Before riding, you should always do the following:

  • Check the tires and wheels
  • Make sure the controls are working
  • Check the lights
  • Monitor oil and other fluids
  • Check the chassis
  • And finally, make sure your stands are intact

Make yourself visible

Always make sure you’re visible to drivers who come towards you and behind you.

Safety tips for drivers

Pay attention

Of course, the first thing about driving is to pay attention to everything else that’s on the roads. If you see a motorcycle somewhere behind you, keep a close eye. More than half of motorbike-related accidents are caused by a car that didn’t see them. Make sure to pay attention to bikers and give them ample space to safely get past.

Take extra time

When driving around bikers and other drivers, their brake lights may not always be activated when slowing down. It’s best to maintain a safe distance to avoid any bumps or accidents.

Defensive driving

The best way to ensure you, other drivers, and your passengers are safe on the road is to practice defensive driving. Always being alert and aware of potential hazards can significantly reduce your chances of being in a collision or road accident. You can never predict when a tragedy occurs, that is why Car Accident Attorney in Gainesville, GA are always ready to aid you legally.


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