Searching for a Phoenix Lawyer? Here’s What You Need to Do


You might never have found yourself in a legal battle before, but law-related issues often appear out of nowhere. To overcome major legal problems, you’ll need to hire an expert lawyer.

As a Phoenix resident, you’re in a great position to find the perfect lawyer for your needs. There are hundreds of incredible law firms across Phoenix, such as Lamber Goodnow, all of which offer legal services for any kind of situation.

Whether you’re dealing with a divorce, you’ve been in a car accident, or you’ve had a nasty dog bite, you can elicit the help of a lawyer to get the justice you deserve. The question is, how can you find the perfect attorney to help you resolve a legal issue?

Here’s What You Need to Do When You’re Searching for a Lawyer in Phoenix

With so many expert lawyers in the vicinity, you’ve got a tough decision on your hands when you’re searching for a legal expert.

All lawyers in Phoenix will need to go through several years of law school and pass a number of hefty exams. However, each lawyer offers a unique set of skills and expertise, and you need to consider this during your research.

To make your research quicker and your decision easier, we’ve got some key considerations that you should take when finding a great lawyer to resolve your legal troubles.

Consider the lawyer’s area of expertise

Depending on the specific legal issue you’re dealing with, you’ll need to hire a certain type of lawyer. By identifying what area of expertise your case falls into, you can hire the best lawyer for your needs.

While every lawyer studies the same degree to become qualified to practice, they will each choose a specialty area. For example, if you’re going through a child custody battle, you need a family lawyer. For road traffic accident claims, it’s an auto accident lawyer that you need to consult.

Find a reputable law firm in your area

Your initial research should begin with finding a top law firm in your area. Regardless of where you live in Phoenix, there should be at least one law firm nearby.

To find a reputable legal firm, such as Lamber Goodnow, take a look online and read through different company’s websites. Do they sound professional and knowledgeable? Do the lawyers at a particular firm have the expertise that you need to resolve your case?

Consider online reviews too. Take a look at third-party websites to get an unbiased picture of each law firm and whether its lawyers are worth hiring. If you find a firm that looks perfect for you, give them a call to get further details about their services and arrange an initial consultation.

Arranging an initial consultation

Even if a lawyer appears perfect for you at first glance, it’s important to speak to them in detail about your case before you commit to hiring them. With a short in-person or telephone consultation, you can get a good picture of what they’re like as a professional and how they like to work.

To arrange a consultation, you will need to call the law firm via the contact number on their website. You’ll most likely speak to a legal secretary who will either arrange the consultation themselves or pass your details onto the relevant lawyer.

During your consultation, make sure to ask about the lawyer’s fees and pricing structure. Each lawyer works uniquely and charges different fees for the same services, so you’ll need to be sure that you stick within your budget. Any kind of legal issue can be costly to resolve but that doesn’t mean you can’t find an affordable lawyer to work on your case.

Ask your friends and family members for recommendations

You probably know someone who has been through a legal battle in the past. Ask them whether they recommend the lawyer that they used and whether their case was successful. If so, consider hiring the same lawyer (if your case is similar to your friend’s or relative’s case) or using the same law firm.

Even if you don’t know somebody who has hired a lawyer themselves, they still might be able to offer their recommendations to help you find the perfect lawyer. Your friends and family members might have professional connections that you don’t know about, so it’s worth asking.


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