Simple Tips: How to Make Halloween a Crowd Puller


Halloween is one of the oldest festivals that still exist. Even after more than 1000 years, the scary night has lost none of its fascinations. But on the contrary. More and more people around the world love to dress up, scare others and scare themselves. And this rising popularity also means that Halloween sales are increasing every year.

Around 2.4 billion dollars are spent on Halloween in the USA every year and the festival is also becoming increasingly important for the European market.

On October 31st it’s that time again and before that costumes and sweets are bought. But one important question remains for many party people: Where should we go on this spooky night? This is where you come in. How can you capitalize on Halloween and give your customers the perfect experience? We will help you with 7 simple tips and give you inspiration for your individual offers with a few concrete examples.

Use the opportunity to address your regular customers!

Halloween is a great time to reach out to your regular customers with new offers. You can do this in different ways. Simply use flyers, social media posts, or a newsletter. You will achieve the best results if you use several communication channels at the same time. Don’t lose any time, because you can’t start early enough with the right customer communication.

Stand out with a special Halloween look!

Bring the horror to your communication channels. Be it your website, your Facebook cover photo, or a story on Instagram – use typical Halloween designs and thus increase the interest of your customers. Classics such as pumpkins, witch hats, and bats simply cannot be missing.

Create spooky experiences

Do you offer city tours? Why don’t you show your customers the scary places in your city and tell them scary but true stories? Get inspiration from proven horror experts like Dungeon Cities, or city horror tours. Do you run an escape room? Then it’s time for a different kind of Halloween experience.

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And the Movie Park also insists on launching an entire Halloween festival, as it does every year. The organizers rely on annually changing attractions and current highlights. In this way, they ensure that customers who have already participated in the past also book the event.

Of course, the whole thing can also be made one size smaller. From horror photo courses to creative workshops and unusual baking courses. Your imagination knows no boundaries.

Dress up your existing experiences in a spooky costume!

How can you link Halloween to your existing offer? Get creative and think about how to incorporate elements such as ghosts, monsters, torches, and sweets into your experience.

Perhaps you will end your tour with a campfire and spooky stories or prepare the perfect pumpkin soup together in the cooking class.

With additional products that are automatically added to the booking, you can increase your sales again. Which festival is better to offer creepy masks for your experience, for example? This also kills two birds with one stone, because your guests comply with the hygiene regulations at the same time.

No matter what you decide: Just let your creativity run free.

Use the campaigns of your marketing partners!

Take a regular look at your activated marketing partners – you will surely find one or the other Halloween-themed special there!

Get your voucher offer in the spirit of Halloween! Offer different voucher categories or attract participants to you with price reductions and promotions on a specific date – for example, October 31st!

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Work with references or create new ones!

Halloween is not so new for you? Then get out the photos from last year and convince your customers with references. In addition, now would be a very good time to build up such references in the form of photos, videos, or customer reviews – because next year at the latest it will be Halloween again! Always keep an eye on all important sales events throughout the year.

Never again miss a potential highlight for marketing your experiences. There’s always something going on! You can find a clear summary of what exactly is in our sales calendar for 2022.


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