Special Surprises for Children


Your child already has everything they need and you no longer know what to give? It doesn’t always have to be material. Rather, fall back on trips or other experiences that your child will never forget. Family experiences are unique and do not depend on time, place or money. You can find out what is really popular in this article.

Home experiences

It is also possible to have a lot of fun at home. In addition, you usually don’t have to dig deep into your pocket for this.

Motto party

Throws a theme party and dress up appropriately. You can also cook and decorate together. Anything there can be used as a motto. For example, you can choose topics such as farm, vacation, or your favorite film.

Get creative

Everyone has old stuff somewhere that they no longer need. You can use it to build great things or make things with your child. You can try to build a playhouse with wood. Other things can be used to create decorations, tea lights or abstract art. There are no limits for your creativity!

Get Adventurous

night If you can, you can sit by the campfire and hold marshmallows over it or enjoy a fine raclette. You can also camp outside on warmer days. Of course you can also pitch your tent inside … Or just take a night walk with a headlamp or torch – always a great experience!


The home becomes a research laboratory. All that is missing is a white coat and protective goggles and then you can start. On the Internet, you can find small experiments that you can easily imitate with home remedies. The experiments are not only fun, but also educational.


You’d rather invent something? How about your own game? Sometimes there just isn’t what you’re looking for. That’s why you can easily think up and tinker with it yourself. If you can’t think of anything, you can simply redesign an existing game and adapt it to your needs. How about your city in Monopoly?

Excursions in the area


There is a free version just waiting to be discovered. Together with your children, you can explore the area by bike or on foot and look for the little hiding spots that are guaranteed to be near you!

Adventure playground

These are indoor and outdoor and promise a whole day of fun!

Forest Bingo

This game is very simple: you print out pictures of leaves, flowers or other things that can be found in the forest and hand the paper to your child. Now all you have to do is drive into the forest and look for everything. Of course, when everything is found there is a small price.

Go to the cinema or the theater

The classic cinema always works. It gets a little more unusual at the theater. These are by no means for the elderly. There are exciting pieces for children. These often deal with important topics in a playful way, so a visit is definitely worth it!

Library with exciting stories

You can spend an entire afternoon in the library with gripping stories. Browse through the large selection and immerse yourself in the history world.

Do you prefer something sporty?

Whiz over the ice on the runners and then enjoy a fine punch? Or rather splash around, dive, swim and practice tricks in the indoor pool – it’s fun!

Not only your child will be happy about unique experiences, but the whole family will benefit from the idea! Instead of filling the Advent calendar with lots of odds and ends, vouchers with joint activities are worthwhile.


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