Stairs in the Woods & The Myth Behind it

stairs in the woods

Stairs in the Woods / What is a staircase?: It is a set of stairs, construction design to give access between floors of a building. It is designed vertically. They can be of any shape, circle, rectangle, or another shape. Staircase always leads to a specific destination. It helps us to move from one floor to another. It can be made up of wood, rocks, or cement. It can be found anywhere like in buildings, at the house, in forests, parks, etc.

What does it mean when you find stairs in the woods?

According to research, there are so many staircases in woods that lead to no destination. They don’t have any purpose behind their existence. These are very random stairs in the woods.

Typically they arise from the ground and lead to the sky. It doesn’t lead to any destination. The majority have very normal explanations for their existence. Some people believe that someone had built a structure and finished it.

Recently, the Internet has been humming with reports of isolated staircases in the wood or national forests around the world and research tells us that no man has been known to ever live. Here staircases are attached to another staircase leading to nothing but towards the sky.

Some staircases look to be in ruins but others are perfectly stable. All of these staircases have one thing in common: they extending apparently to nowhere at all.

These staircases could be seen deep as 60 kilometers into the forest. It looks like anyone has taken the stairs from the house, scratch them out, and put them in the wood.

Where are these staircases found? Can they be any Random stairs in the woods?

Stairs in the Woods, Random stairs in the woods

According to reports, they are situated all over America, but they are also found in Germany, Brazil, Portugal, and the Philippines were seen.

Experiences of people:

According to research, we got to know a lot about the experiences of people who have seen random stairs in the woods or found staircases in forests.

  1. One of them states that when they saw and asked about it for the first time, they were told not to worry about it, that it was normal. Everyone said the same thing. He was told that he should never go near any of them. Someone said that they thought that maybe the house was there but there was no basement or other rubbish that would specify that there was a home there before. There were just a set of stairs with a base that went up 16 steps and anyone could barely shake them. 
  2. They looked like stairs from a normal suburban home. Kind of old though. And when the investigation happened nothing could be found which was weird and grass didn’t grow near the stairs either.
  3. Just looking at them gives you a creepy feeling that you can’t quite explain. Just imagine coming across a set of metallic stairs in the middle of the forests all surrounded by trees and leads to nowhere.
  4. It was covered with moss and made from what looked like really old concrete with large pebbles or rocks in it and anyone just can’t stand on those stairs for a long time. It feels like those stairs are repelling you.
  5. This gives the feeling of being severely unwelcome, and that I should get as far away from it as possible, and thinking about it now gives a twisted wrong feeling.

These experiences make us feel unnerved in the presence of such structures. There are the creepiest stories that can give you Goosebumps. It has been recommended by SAR (Search and Rescue) officer, not to climb any stairs you find in the woods. The staircase that is commonly known as stairs in the woods, doesn’t have any destination is dangerous, it can lead you to the doors of heaven or can throw you the fire of hell.


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