7 Steps to Get Your Home Ready for Holiday Season


With the holiday season is upon us, you can also expect the necessary guests in your home. Friends and family come to your home for Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve. The arrival of this visit goes hand in hand with cleaning up and preparing your home, with extra attention to the guest rooms. We are happy to help you so that you can be sure that your guest rooms and house are in tip-top order for those pleasant days. Read on for our holiday preparation tips:

1) Ensure safety

If it snows outside, make sure the driveway is clear of snow. Replace old lamps and provide extra light so that no one has to grope in the dark, in a literal form ;). If there are toddlers and/or babies among your guests, make sure that dangerous objects are properly stored. Also think of a stair gate, socket protection and child locks on the kitchen cabinets. For example, also place a rubber mat when your shower or bath is very slippery to prevent an annoying accident.

2) Free up space

Ensures that there is sufficient space for your guests. Of course, we don’t just mean space in the wardrobe. Give your guests space to put their toiletries in the bathroom, and keep some space on the shoe rack. Make sure to keep a socket free for your guests, so they can charge their phone stress-free.

3) Make sure you have enough stock

Start with plenty of hand soap, toilet paper, and towels. You may prefer to drink the coffee black, but that is certainly not the case for everyone! So provide your guests with coffee creamer, sugar, and sweets. Also, get plenty of drinks and snacks at home. This is quick and easy for your guests to grab when they’re hungry. Would you like to offer even more hospitality?

Then leave travel-sized products in a toiletry bag for your guests on the bed. Think of dental floss, shampoo, toothpaste, shower gel, deodorant and a toothbrush. It is of course always possible that your guest forgets to bring something from home, which is no problem in this way.

4) Provides a comfortable bed

When we are away from home we all have that “ missing your own bed ” feeling. It is of course not possible to offer exactly the same beds as your guests have at home. But you can make your guests feel at home with a comfortable bed. Think of a 100% natural duvet, soft pillows, and a lovely mattress . If you are expecting young children or a guest with incontinence, provide a waterproof mattress cover.

5) Clean up

More people means less space in the house. Tidy up your house to prevent your guests from feeling crammed into your home. For example, place kitchen utensils that are unnecessarily on the counter in a kitchen cupboard.

Also, see if you can store summer-related items in the garage. In addition, tidy up your shoes, newspapers, magazines, desk and coffee table.

6) Make your home functional

No guest is the same; one is an early bird, the other a night owl. Make sure your guests have the necessary things when the rest of the house is (still) asleep. Think, for example, of reading lights, WiFi password and a TV in their bedroom. In addition, leaving a light on in the hallway at night is also a good idea. This made it easy for everyone to find the toilet and their bed.

7) Create a festive atmosphere

As said before, it is important to tidy up, but your house should not become uncomfortable because of that big cleaning! Tasteful Christmas decorations with of course a large Christmas tree brings coziness into your home. Light cheeses, decorate your home with lights and put on cozy cherry music.


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