6 Success Factors For Your Nail Salon Opening


If you want to open up your Nail Salon, there are so many key factors that you have to keep in mind. Below we show which six factors influence the success of your nail salon and give tips on how you can make your shop shine.

Success Factor #1: Location

The location, as one of the most important success factors when starting a business, should be carefully considered. If you already have a location in mind, first check where your competitors are located. In a neighborhood that already has ten nail salons, it probably doesn’t need an eleventh. The following strategic tips will help you decide where to open the nail salon.

Walk-in customers in the city: First decide whether the business should be in the city or in the country. In a big city, there is likely to be a lot of foot traffic, for example through a location in a pedestrian zone or a shopping mall.

Good connections in residential areas: A residential area can also be a sensible location since the customers have a short way to you and are happy to come back if they have a positive experience. It is important that the location is easily accessible by public transport.

Respond to trends: Strategically, you have to act differently in the city than in the country. In order to stand out from the crowd, you should offer your customers something new more often and react quickly to current trends in nail design.

Gain regular customers: In a small town or in the country, the positive reputation of your shop is your most important asset. It may therefore take longer to win regular customers. But if you inspire customers with your personal service and your creative nail craftsmanship, you will be happy to come back and ideally will tell others about it. In short: In a rural area, focus less on passing customers and more on winning regular customers through word-of-mouth propaganda.

Success Factor #2: Unique Selling Proposition

To stand out from the crowd of competitors, you need a unique selling proposition. A nail salon specializing in men is an example of a unique selling proposition.

What makes you different from other nail salons? Create an offer for your customers that does not yet exist in this form. Possible unique selling points for your nail studio are:

  • Address a specific target group, for example with a nail salon, especially for men or a nail salon for mothers and children.
  • Expand your range of services in addition to nail care and design and offer, for example, a hairstyle, make-up, and nails in one. Or offer new nail designs or a mobile nail salon.
  • The location can also be a unique selling proposition.
  • Create a special ambiance with the facility that stands out from the competition. Adapt the equipment to your offer and the target group. For example, if you open a nail salon in the high-price segment, this will also be reflected in your high-quality furnishings.
  • Give your personal service a special touch and offer your customers warm coffee, tea or hot chocolate, and a pastry, for example.

Success Factor # 3: Flexible business models

Do not only offer nail design but also medical nail care and thus create more security in the overall calculation. When it comes to the product “beauty”, there is always the fear of not being able to make a living from it. Because for many it is still a luxury product, which is evident from the fact that customers adhere to delivery dates.

If an appointment is canceled, it will not be made up for, the customers simply come back for the next appointment. The situation is different with medical nail care. Here, customers will probably simply make up for the appointment a few days later after a cancellation, otherwise, they will suffer from pain and the treatment will be necessary.

Success Factor #4: Employees

Your success stands and falls with your team. Because your product is a service, the positive perception of which customers is often influenced by the experience with employees. Therefore, be careful when selecting your employees and hire people who suit you and your business idea. Even if it is financially difficult at the beginning, you can motivate your employees with a fair salary and free drinks and fruit. If your team is happy, they will be happy to work for you and contribute significantly to the success of your nail salon.

Happy employees give customers a smile and contribute to the success of your nail salon.

Success Factor #5: Advertising

Draw attention to your nail studio and implement the marketing measures as planned. There are many different options available to you for marketing:

Classic advertising measures:

In order to do marketing for the nail salon, you can use different types of advertising: distribute flyers, place ads in fashion magazines and regional newspapers, or grand opening discounts.

Own website:

The website serves as a business card for your nail studio. Take care of a professional appearance and do not hesitate to get support if you are unsure. On the website you present yourself close to the customer, with a text about your career, pictures of you, the range of services, the team and the nail salon.

Google My Business:

Google offers you the opportunity to create a free company profile in Google Search or on Google Maps. Personalize your profile with photos, offers and posts, for example. This makes it easy for potential customers to find you when they are looking for a nail salon.

Social media:

Social media such as Instagram or Facebook help you draw attention to your nail studio and communicate marketing campaigns. For example, you can communicate a special discount in the run-up to Christmas early on via social media. Design your online presence strategically, tailored to your target group and use hashtags in your niche, such as #nailart, to achieve a large reach.

Use voucher portals:

Voucher portals are suitable for acquiring new customers. For example, you can organize workshops and seminars on all aspects of nail care and designs and offer them as vouchers through a portal provider. In this way, you not only position yourself as an expert in the field, but also benefit from the wide reach of the portals.

Seminars and workshops:

Seminars and workshops are not only suitable for voucher portals. You can hold events of this type independently at any time in your nail salon. You convey your skills and thereby create trust – it doesn’t get any better than this.


You read that right – events are a wonderful opportunity to personally meet potential new customers. Organize studio events, for example, and invite your customers’ friends to the party as well. An open day invites you to get to know your shop without obligation. There are also city and street festivals where you can participate with a stand and offer passers-by to paint their nails for a special price.

Success factor #6: Strategic decisions

A success factor for your nail salon is a well-thought-out strategy. How you meet your customers can determine how successful you are. Because customers who feel comfortable will be happy to come back – and after all, that’s your goal!

You win new customers through promotions and discounts. You show your customers that they get a lot for little money. In this case, you will attract bargain hunters who are unlikely to return. Conversely, this means: Attracting new customers is important, but without customer loyalty, it will be difficult to be successful with your nail salon in the long term.

Therefore, focus your strategy on acquiring regular customers. For example, you can play suitable music, provide your customers with free drinks such as Prosecco, tea or coffee, and sweets and ensure satisfaction through good organization and short waiting times.


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