10 Super Light Christmas Hairstyles


The holiday season is finally starting! But while planning one festive outfit at a time, creating the right holiday hairstyle can prove to be quite stressful.

The get-together on the holidays should be contemplative and enjoyable, but it can also be very challenging. So that you can focus on the things that are really important at this time, we have put together 10 super easy hairstyles for you. All you need is a set of extensions, a few hair accessories, and just a few minutes of time.

Whether you’re visiting your grandma, getting to know your partner’s family, or dancing the night away with your colleagues, nothing can stand in the way with these 10 hairstyles.

Light waves

10 Super Light Christmas Hairstyles Light Waves
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Long, voluminous, wavy hair is a look for any season of the year, but it works especially well for the holiday season. Some girls feel intimidated by this wavy hairstyle because they believe that it takes skill and a lot of time to do it. But that’s not true! We recommend using hair extensions for this look as this can save you a ton of time.

Simply curl your hair with a curling iron the day before. Make sure that you use heat protection for your extensions before styling and that you keep the temperature low. If you want a fuller look, curl your own hair as well.

Hair Accessories

10 Super Light Christmas Hairstyles Hair Accessories 1
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Decorate your hair like your Christmas tree. And by decorating we mean accessories! A pearl that is perfect for this time of year and versatile enough to go with any outfit. Even luxurious pearl clips in various shades of gold go ideally with festive fabrics such as velvet or satin. But wide, padded headbands are also perfect for the cold season and can be worn both in the office and with a drink after work.

Deep braided bun

10 Super Light Christmas Hairstyles Deep braided bun
Image Source: Pinterest

A holiday hairstyle that looks so much more intricate than it is – the deep braided bun. If you use clip-in extensions for this hairstyle, first braid two 2-clip wefts separately.

Then separate your hair a few inches above the base of your head so that you can attach the braid to the side, place it over your head like a headband, and fasten it back on the other side. For even more length and volume, you can add more braids to the sides. Alternatively, you can do a low bun with the rest of your hair. Secure this with a hair elastic and let some hair fall out for a relaxed look.

Gift Bow Tie

10 Super Light Christmas Hairstyles Gift Bow Tie  
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Do not use all packaging for your gifts, some are also great as hair accessories! Especially the ribbons and bows, which are mostly used for boxes, also look great on your hair. No other time of year is better suited to repurposing ribbon as a hair accessory. Start by making a ponytail with a regular hair elastic. Then tie a ribbon around your ponytail or use a festive bow. This hairstyle is perfect for so many reasons, but mostly these three – it doesn’t cost a lot of time or money, and it allows you to re-sell or recycle items that you would have simply thrown away.

Half-up half-down look

10 Super Light Christmas Hairstyles Half-up half-down look
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After “What are you wearing tonight?” The most common question from my family and friends over the holidays is “Should I wear my hair open or closed?”. How about just both? A half-pinned, half-open look is super chic and goes super fast.

Pearl hairband

10 Super Light Christmas Hairstyles Pearl Hair Band
Image Source: Pinterest

We’ve seen this retro look make a comeback with stars like Hailey Baldwin and we think it’s just great for the holiday season. Wrap your hair around a large round brush and blow-dry a little on the ends.

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Do not pull the round brush out of your hair until it is air-dried. This gives the hair a voluminous shiny look and can also be used on hair extensions. To save time on the day in question, you should style your hair extensions the night before. Complete the look with a headband for a real retro feel.

Two smooth ponytails

10 Super Light Christmas Hairstyles Two smooth ponytails
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Is there anything better than cuddling up on the sofa with a cozy blanket while the snow is softly falling outside? Nothing screams the Christmas spirit like the Grinch, gingerbread cookies, candy canes – and two cute braids.

Use clip-in extensions to get those beautiful long, slim braids.

Classic braid

10 Super Light Christmas Hairstyles Classic braid
Image Source: Pinterest

Sometimes a simple, classic braid is all it takes. The classic braid is not only super easy, it also looks really damn cute. Start by doing a high-tight braid. Now braid the braid and secure it at the bottom with a hair tie. Use hair gel on the hairline for the perfect sleek look.

Braids framing the face

10 Super Light Christmas Hairstyles Braids framing the face
Image Source: Pinterest

Braids are just about any occasion, whether you’re strolling through the park or standing in front of the altar. So if the holiday season gets a little too stressful for you, these cute braids will be your salvation.

Even if we love the classic French or Dutch braids, we are just delighted with the latest trend of face-framing braids. Just like the face-rimmed block strands trend, this is about celebrating a 90s comeback.

Tip: Make sure your braids are super tight so they hold up all day. Hairspray can be of great help here.

Wet hair look

10 Super Light Christmas Hairstyles Wet hair look
Image Source: Pinterest

In case you weren’t sure about trying this look this year. Now is the time! The wet hair look is the perfect chic look for any holiday event. All you have to do is rub a gel-cream through slightly damp hair and spray on a shine spray. Voilà, the look is ready!


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