The Complete Guide to Softening Your Beard


How to soften your beard? How to make your beard softer? How to soften beard hair? A lot of men ask themselves these questions on a daily basis because they are confronted with the problem of the itchy beard.

In fact, the beard is generally made up of drier, coarser, and rougher hair than normal. This is why it requires greater hydration. Discover the best solutions to soften your beard easily and effectively!

Is it possible to soften your beard?

It is quite possible to soften beard hair. You can adopt a daily ritual to maintain your beard and avoid derogatory remarks such as “Honey, you’re biting”.

The solutions adopted by most bearded men also make it possible to avoid and solve the problems of irritation and redness. They are effective in changing the texture of the beard and in protecting it, without leaving a greasy film on the surface.

Test the hardness of beard hair

One of the ways to test the hardness of your beard hair is by using a balloon. This kind of balloon bursts at the slightest friction, because it is sensitive. So if it bursts after a few seconds when it comes into contact with your beard hair. This proves that your hair is hard and prickly and that it requires special maintenance.

Use oil or cream to soften your beard

To maintain your beard hair, you can choose between a special beard oil or cream. This kind of product is a nourishing and moisturizing type. So it is able to provide your beard hair with all the nutrients it needs to become softer and more supple.

It is also a quick and easy treatment to apply and therefore practical to soften your beard without much effort. Just spread it all over your beard, and voila, you’re done!

Brush to soften your beard

To discipline your beard, you must go through the brushing box. Use a special beard brush to pull the hairs and relax them and also to avoid frizz. Otherwise, use a special beard comb to detangle your beard hair without damaging it.

Here it should be noted that the design material of the brushing tool used is very important. If possible, opt for a brush with sturdy, solid bristles such as a boar-bristle brush to achieve the desired effect. And for the comb, opt for a horn or keratin model to soften your beard, to distribute the care evenly over the entire surface and to benefit from better hold.

Trim your beard regularly

To soften his beard and keep it in good condition, consider trimming it regularly. Do not hesitate to use your trimmer every 2 or 3 days so as not to have a dirty style. Then, also remove with the help of a comb all the indomitable hairs which rebel.

Nowadays, high-performance mowers are available on the market to allow you to make nice gradients. But if you have a long beard, you must use a pair of sharp-edged scissors and blades to trim your hair on the surface, without affecting the volume. Moreover, be aware that these tools can help you maintain consistency and a homogeneous structure.

Clean your beard regularly

To soften his beard, do not neglect their cleaning. This is indeed the best way to purify them, strengthen them and protect them against all external aggressions.

It is indisputable! The beard is a real filter for microbes. Thus, it must be washed with a product suitable for facial hair and skin every day to remove all the impurities that accumulate there. The use of a classic shampoo is not highly recommended since the cellular tissue of the face is more fragile than the scalp. You should rather be interested in special beard care.

Smooth beard hair

To enjoy a real feeling of softness, dare to straighten your beard hair. This technique is more effective than simple brushing because it helps fight against stubborn hairs. You can opt for a hair dryer if you have a long beard. Otherwise, nothing prevents you from using a mini straightener.

Using heat allows your beard hair to look better and keep its shape for several hours. But be careful not to burn them and not to burn your face.

What oil to soften your beard?

Like hair, beard hair can also become split ends and dehydrated. They can be brittle and hard, and their length can stagnate. Fortunately, many oils can repair, nourish, moisturize and soften them.

Argan oil to soften your beard

Argan oil, for example, is perfect for having a nourished and softer beard. It can restore shine to a beard dulled by pollution and the various daily aggressions. Then, it is also able to accelerate the growth of beard hair thanks to its high vitamin E content.

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Coconut oil to soften your beard

Coconut oil, too, can fortify beard hair while reducing protein loss. It allows you to obtain a lightly scented facial fleece, repaired in-depth and hydrated correctly.

In fact, it can give vigor to beard hair while toning and softening the skin present under the hair system. Natural and non-aggressive, this vegetable oil is good for both facial hair and skin.

Jojoba oil to soften your beard

Jojoba oil is also a better ally to soften your beard. This vegetable oil is particularly rich in vitamins A, D, and E and it can reduce the dryness of hair and skin while protecting them. It can also restore strength and shine to the beard. And it can make the hairs more pleasant to the touch while removing the prickly feeling.

Sweet almond oil to soften your beard

Sweet almond oil is also one of the best oils for softening your beard. It is especially suitable for sensitive and dry skin and is able to restore the vitality of the hair follicle. Thanks to this treatment, beard hair can become stronger, softer, and easier to detangle. Which means it allows the beard to appear shinier and fuller.

Grape seed oil to soften your beard

Grapeseed oil is one of the most moisturizing vegetable oils to soften your beard. It is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E and it stands out for its fluid texture which does not risk clogging the pores of the skin and which allows it to have a sebum-regulating action.

It is also rich in omega 6 and 9. This gives it moisturizing and regenerating properties for the epidermis and beard hair, without being greasy and without leaving any dandruff.

Grape seed oil is also recognized for its nourishing properties. It can deeply nourish fine, dry, and damaged beard hair, from the tips to the roots, while quickly restoring its full strength.

Finally, it is also a good anti-aging skin ally thanks to its high concentration of antioxidants. It makes the skin more supple and elastic. And normally, who says beautiful skin says beautiful beard.

Olive oil to soften your beard

Olive oil is an effective beard care product. It can bring hydration and shine to the hair and it can also help detangle long beards. If used frequently, it can even reduce the frizzy side of hairs and it is able to gently repair damaged and dry hairs.

In addition, olive oil is also a moisturizing oil for the skin of the face thanks to its high content of essential fats and antioxidants. It is effective in combating dryness, softening the skin, and reducing imperfections.

Vegetable mustard oil to soften your beard

Mustard vegetable oil is a stimulating and slightly warming oil. It can stimulate the growth of beard hair, as it promotes microcirculation. Apart from that, it also has toning and invigorating properties. Its fortifying action helps maintain the structure of long beards.

In addition to vegetable oils, certain essential oils also make it possible to soften and maintain the beard. Moreover, they can bring a pleasant smell to the beard as if you use perfume.

Depending on the oil you choose, you may get a different result. Lemon essential oil, for example, can give off a fruity smell. And pine, eucalyptus, and Atlas cedar essential oils are perfect for a woodsy, masculine scent.

What cream to soften your beard?

The benefits of beard cream

If you don’t like beard oils too much, you can opt for a beard cream. It is the ideal treatment to nourish your beard and your skin. It can improve the quality of your beard while making it suppler, softer, and shinier. Then, it is also able to moisturize your skin to avoid irritation and prevent dandruff.

It protects and purifies your beard and can also make it more resistant to external aggressions such as pollution and UV rays. Finally, we must not forget that it is effective in strengthening hair follicles and promoting growth in length and thickness.

The best creams of the moment to soften your beard

Currently, many creams are available on the market to soften your beard. Some of the best beard creams include Barber Club Nourishing Cream by L’Oréal Paris Men Expert, Blondépil Beard Care, Barber Tools Beard Balm, and Beardilizer Nourishing and Softening Beard Cream.

These products are very nourishing for the beard and for the skin. They provide them with the necessary ingredients to stay healthy. Then, they also help strengthen the facial follicle, make the skin softer and more resistant and protect beard hair against external aggressions.

Thanks to its care, beard hair can become shinier and silkier. Not only do they care for the beard, but they also give it a more respectable look.

The main criteria for selecting a beard cream

To choose a beard cream, you have to consider certain criteria, including composition, texture, effectiveness, and fragrance.

The ideal is to opt for a treatment based on natural ingredients since you are going to apply it to the face. A hypoallergenic formula, for example, might just do the trick. In addition, it is suitable for sensitive skin. It usually contains only vegetable oils and minerals. Which means she’s not aggressive.

As a cream, this kind of beard care is neither too runny nor too oily. Often, it is unctuous and it does not risk altering over time.

In terms of effectiveness, the beard cream must be able to make the hair more flexible and shiny after 2 or 3 days of use, and this, without presenting any risk of side effects. secondary. It must be good for both the hair and the skin and it must allow daily use.

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Finally, with regard to the perfume, you are advised to favor a natural perfume of the fruity or woody kind instead of opting for an artificial perfume, synthesized in the laboratory. Natural fragrances can boost your well-being while revealing your masculine side and making you more attractive.

Does shaving soften your beard?

Contrary to popular belief, shaving the beard does not soften it or accelerate hair growth. This consists only of shortening the beard and therefore of intervening on the visible part of the hairs and not on the roots.

It is true that it gives a “hard beard” impression when growing back because once severed by the razor blade, the tips of the beard hairs are beveled and seem more prickly. But in fact, shaving the beard has no impact on hair growth, hardness, or thickness.


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