4 Tips to Expand Your Email Marketing Strategy


Take advantage of the digital age and use mass emails to connect with consumers and increase your sales.

More and more marketers are diving into mass emails and email marketing — why? Because email marketing campaigns can have an unbelievable return on investment. Sending out one poorly planned email will not grant you this success because it takes time, effort, and planning to develop a thoughtful strategy. If you have an online business, you should consider adding email marketing into the mix if you haven’t already. It can be challenging to understand where to start, so take a look at these four tips to create a strong email marketing strategy.

4 Tips to Increase Profitability With Mass Email Marketing

1) Create an In-Depth Strategy

Before you design and send out mass emails to your subscribers, you have to set a strong strategy in place. Your email marketing strategy will be the foundation of your campaigns and how you will measure your success. You can utilize your emails to promote new products, volunteer opportunities your company participates in, highlight critical players in your company, promote your social media, and more. Take a look at the basic steps to setting up your strategy, and then we’ll get into creating the actual emails.

  1. Set your goals (raise loyalty, return on investment, maintain relationships, etc.)
  2. Choose your email marketing tools, such as a mass email service
  3. Define your target audience
  4. Decide what email lists you’ll segment your audience into
  5. Determine what kind of emails you want to send
  6. Create a schedule for sending out the emails to subscribers
  7. Design and optimize the email content
  8. Track email performance

2) Design Emails to be Mobile-Friendly

The majority of the time, people are probably opening their emails on their phones. According to research, 47% of the time, people are reading emails on their cell phones — it’s crucial to keep that 47% of people. If you don’t format your email to look great on mobile, you lose almost half of your audience before they even read anything. You can still design your emails to be eye-catching and engaging, but keep the mobile experience at the top of your mind. Here are a few things to consider when putting together your email to look good on both desktop and mobile.

  • Use a one-column template for easy conversion to mobile
  • Increase the font size of your text for easy reading on mobile devices
  • Make the call to action buttons simple to read and easy to click on

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3) Know the Best Time to Send the Email

Knowing when to send your email at the correct time of day can determine who sees and opens your email. For example, if you send your email during business hours, people working corporate jobs will most likely not see or open your emails. Therefore, timing can be one of the most important parts of your campaign.

One of the top email strategies is to send emails during the night. Some have found that the middle of the night is the best time to send their emails, particularly from 8:00 pm until midnight. This block of time performed better for open rates, clickthrough rates, and even sales. Test out different times to find out when your audience is opening your emails — testing is the only way you’ll get to know your audience’s habits.

4) Be Personal, Don’t Spam

One of the most important email marketing rules is to make sure you do not become a spammer. Some people believe that email marketing is too salesy and can become annoying for the recipient, but that’s only true if you send invaluable emails. Every marketing tool can come off disingenuous if you are using it the wrong way. To avoid being labeled as spam, avoid exclamation points, capitalization, and create your copy to be conversational. It’s important to come off like a personal email instead of a mass email sent out to thousands of others.

To ensure that you are creating personalized emails, you can segment your email lists for different audiences. For example, you can separate your lists into specific cities or states to personalize the messaging to what’s happening around them and in their area. With the adoption of artificial intelligence, you can also understand every person’s buying behavior and use that to personalize their customer journey.

People occasionally use email to connect with friends and family, but it is mainly used for business purposes. Sending out mass emails to your consumers can help encourage them to buy your products, and your company can build a relationship with them. With a mass email service, you can take an in-depth look at the analytics of each email you send and understand what your subscribers like and dislike. It’s crucial to add email marketing into your company’s toolbox because it can be highly effective for a very affordable price.


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