10 Tips to Get You Motivated for the Beginning of New Year


We all have to deal with it sooner or later. Your inspiration has left. The creative mojo that you’ve been living on for so long is exhausted. And we are very much aware in our own twisted ways how these last 2 years have been taking a toll on our lives. Nothing feels worse than that. Because your essay has yet to be finished, and those treats won’t come by themselves.

In this article, you will see 10 tips and tricks that you could apply when your creative mojo has left with the northern sun. Also how you can start your year with a positivity and wellness mindset.

View old photos

Go back to a few places on your game board. Google Photos occasionally gives a short look back in all your photos taken. Suddenly that holiday in Nice appears again or you relive that one party where that famous Dutchman asked you what you wanted to drink. Really happened! No lying. But your brain is triggered by good memories and somehow you can grab that mojo this way. What did you do then, did you enjoy it? What was your hobby then? These are all questions you can ask yourself when looking at those photos. Try to recall nice memories and rejoice yourself with those beautiful moments from then.

Tidy up your surrounding

Those knots of wool, crochet hooks lying around, and the knitting needles you picked up from your mother might come in handy now. Cleaning up and organizing ensures peace of mind and therefore more room for inspiration.

Take a break from your Comfort zone

Get out of your comfort zone. Do you notice that you have had far too long and too little inspiration? And does this hinder you in your work or your daily activities? Then step completely out of your comfort zone. Go to the cinema alone (as soon as you can, of course) or take that digital workshop that you’ve been looking at for a while but don’t really dare. Take that course playing guitar or fashion design. It may not always be practical and you can come up with a hundred things not to do that, but what if you do. New stimuli release not only inspiration but also motivation.

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Go for a walk

It has been widely proven that being in nature does a lot for you. The smells and the colors, the bugs and the moss. A walk in the forest can change your mindset from inspiration-less to inspiration-full.

Try to enjoy the little things. Look closely at how the sun shines through the branches, or how those little ants are all hard at work. A nice walk for everyone because Fikkie the dog is also exhausted when he comes home. Afterward, relax on the couch with a cup of tea or hot chocolate.

Read a good Book

Grab that book you bought a long time ago and always stare at you with that beautiful cover. You bought it for a reason and take the time to read through it or lose yourself in the story. Just do it. Take that time and get carried away with the writer’s intent.

Inspiration via Pinterest

Go on Pinterest. If you can’t find your way and you still feel completely uninspired and nothing seems to work, there is always Pinterest where you can get your satisfaction. If necessary, create a plate that is called uninspired and fill it with colours, interior, the latest gadgets, fashion, or quotes and let yourself go completely. Pin everything to the board until you feel something. If only your newfound favorite wall color. There is always something on Pinterest that you will love. Isn’t this it and you still run into the walls?

Watch a series

Then take a good break with a retro series. My personal favorite is Baywatch. And since I watch that, I am an obsession richer namely “the atmosphere of the nineties”. Totally my thing now. I look for high-rise bathing suits and all bucket hats go into my shopping cart. What you can really enjoy about that retro series is seeing what the actors look like now in 2022. Believe me, that gives you a lot of fun anyway, but also a huge boost with self-confidence. Because to be honest, many do not stand the test of time very well.

Good food

Go to the supermarket and be inspired by the dishes on the square leaves at the entrance. Grab a recipe blindly and do all the errands for it. Or choose a number of products that you have never tasted and take them with you. Maybe it’s really dirty that yellow tapenade, but the chance is just as good that you discover ingredients and products that make your taste buds vibrate. And hop a new snack, snack, or new favorite meal is born. Eating well is very important and your brain does well on it.


It has never happened to me that if I am uninspired that music cannot excite me. To link to the photos as a throwback, that can also work with music. Put on that song you used to dance to at the disco when you were eighteen. Or indulge in that awesome song you keep hearing in advertising.

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Perhaps a word that you are completely done with because you hear it everywhere. But mindfulness can certainly help with an inspiration dip. Google mindfulness exercises, it will come up with fun things you can do. Because consciously taking in something does give your head a breath of fresh air. In short, let yourself be stimulated by your environment.

Try to keep it small and be open to new experiences. Above all, forget about your daily struggles and try not to focus on having an exhausted mojo. Inspiration always comes back to you and is often better than before. Don’t commit yourself to anything.


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