Ten Tips to Grow Your Homecare Agency


Homecare providers are often too busy to focus on growth. They have to manage clients, caregivers and comply with regulations. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a priority.

Most providers are hesitant to start because the idea of working hard to grow their business seems overwhelming. The (surprisingly) good news? Growth is a process that takes time. Providers can drastically change their business by committing to growth, and taking small daily steps to achieve their goals.

1) Define your growth strategy.

You don’t have any plan without a strategy. Your vision of success and the way you will get there without a plan can be fuzzy. By defining your goals, identifying the resources you need, and determining the actions to take, you can clear your mind and focus on what’s important.

2) Determine what your agency is best at and make it known.

Find your edge to stand out from the crowd. Maybe your agency is known for its caregivers or a particular category, like mental health care or dementia care. What makes your agency special? Let the world know it – through social media, website, signage, and marketing materials.

Start your own home health care business in Connecticut

Connecticut is ranked 12th in the nation for its high quality of living. Connecticut is known for its low crime rate, affordable housing, easy access to childcare, and high life expectancy. Connecticut is known for having excellent healthcare and education systems. Connecticut has hundreds of public school, including the University of Connecticut. Consider getting Connecticut home healthcare insurance. Knowing what type of insurance a home care aide needs can help you protect your career as well as finances.

3) Strengthen your efforts to recruit and retain employees.

It’s still possible to find caregivers despite the shortage. Change your recruitment strategy if it’s not working. Online ads that are targeted, staff referral incentives and re-engaging former employees as well as virtual interviews, flexible training methods, and virtual interviewing can all be used to solve the problem.

Finding caregivers can be a challenge, but keeping them on board is another. A culture of safety and appreciation will encourage caregivers for the long-term. You can show your caregivers you value them financially by rewarding them for a job done well, investing in training and taking career advancement seriously.

4) Improve your onboarding program.

It takes time and energy to build and implement a solid onboarding program, but it is worth the effort. An orientation that is well-designed will help new employees see your company in a more positive light. If caregivers are happy with the company for which they work, they will be more motivated to keep doing a great job.

5) Embrace social media.

Social media, when used consistently and thoughtfully, can be an effective tool to market and grow your business. It’s not necessary to be an expert in social media to get results. By creating a content calendar and being strategic with your posting, you can have a big impact.

6) Automate your scheduling with innovative tools.

Scheduling methods that are disjointed and out-of-date can be stressful for your schedulers, stealing time away from other, more important tasks. HHAeXchange software allows you to create and manage patient scheduling based on authorizations, plans of care and other factors. HHAeXchange allows you to broadcast open cases instantly to all caregivers available to fill shifts in minutes. You can also optimize caregiver-patient matches based on location, availability, patient needs or special requests.

7) Take control of reviews.

Did you know 94% of consumers claim that a negative review convinced them to avoid an establishment? It’s important to be mature and constructive when responding to bad reviews. You should thank the reviewer, apologize for any mistakes, accept responsibility and try to put things right.

8) Streamline your billing practices and payroll.

Your billing and payroll system could be holding back your business, just as it is with other time-consuming tasks like scheduling. Innovative technology can help you get back on track.

HHAeXchange is an automated, one-step billing system that allows providers to: better manage payments and split billing; ensure electronic remittances are received; customize invoice templates according to payer; calculate payroll accurately by caregiver; improve communication with accounting software and payroll companies.

9) Be flexible and adaptable.

Homecare agency owners who have been in the business for a while know to expect the unexpected if you want to be successful. Homecare is an industry that changes quickly. It’s important to be prepared, flexible and willing to change your plan in order to adapt to the new situation. Keep your eyes on the present but also look ahead.

10) Invest in the technology of your caregivers.

They want to work with agencies who invest in their technology, which streamlines their jobs and gives them control over their schedules and communication. Equipping caregivers with technology that makes their work easier and not more difficult can increase engagement and happiness, and improve retention.


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