Top 4 Tips When Moving to Another State


As you will already be fully aware, whether you have moved house in the past or this is your first ‘adult’ property move, moving house is up there with the top three most stress-inducing tasks you could embark upon.

Organization, planning and recruiting friends and family members are all excellent ways of giving yourself the best chance of staying calm under the pressure of the move.

Here are the top four tips when moving to another state, either as an individual renter or a homeowner with a large family.

1) Find Out the Differences in Costs of Living

It may well be the case that you are moving across the country for a professional job opportunity and will, therefore, already have a job lined up in your new destination.

Regardless of the reasons behind your new and exciting move, it is important to look into the differences in the cost of daily living between the two areas, work your budget, and plan your monthly outgoings around this.

2) Hire a Professional Moving Company

Moving is, inevitably, a particularly stressful activity, even when you are simply relocating to a larger property within your current neighborhood.

When moving to an entirely different state, however, it becomes practically impossible to bring everything with you. The items you want to bring also need to be protected and packed securely to ensure no damage on the journey.

Hiring a professional moving company is a simple and effective solution, which also takes away some of the stress and worry on the moving day itself. Additionally, belongings and larger furniture items you no longer need could be arranged on your front lawn for a neighborhood garage sale.

3) Stock Up!

It would take an incredibly organized, perfectionist type family to seamlessly transition from one state to another without disrupting the children’s schooling and forgetting anything important.

When it comes to essentials, such as prescription medication, for example, you should look at other options. To save you the time, energy, and stress of trying to ensure you collect from the pharmacy in the area of your old property, instead order online through

4) Make Several Trips Beforehand

The fourth and final piece of advice, which will undoubtedly stand you in good stead ahead of the actual moving day itself, is to take the time to visit your new neighborhood more than once, to get a lay of the land.

Providing your finances permit, book a long weekend in the heart of your new town or city and explore, both during the day when the streets are full of locals, and in the evenings and nights too. Additionally, speak to local storeowners and spend time in the parks and woodlands around your new property.

As well as taking physical trips to the new area you will soon be calling home, utilize the freedom and convenience of the online world to check out your neighborhood and surrounding areas on Google Street View.


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