Tips for Kitchen Renovations in 2023


If your kitchen has seen better days and you are planning a 2023 renovation, you have come to the right place, as we offer the Australian homeowner a few tips on designing and creating the perfect kitchen.

Define the scope of the project

Prior to doing anything, you need to define the scope of the renovation. Think about what can remain and what needs to be removed; a comprehensive revamp would be to remove everything and start from scratch, with a new layout floorplan, while you might decide to leave the major kitchen furniture and replace the tiles and flooring, with new fixtures and fittings.

Free kitchen design

How can you have your kitchen designed by a professional without having to pay for it? If you acquire all items from a leading Australian supplier, they would have an in-house kitchen designer who would be happy to help you decide on the perfect layout. With a little help from a local plumber in the Eastern Suburbs, you can carry out the work and save yourself a fortune.

Compare quotes

If you are going to hire a bathroom renovation contractor, ask several to quote for the project; then you can make an informed decision and choose the best team. While you obviously want value for money, it is never wise to be too price focused; take into account the disposition of the contractor, the recommendations they make and their attention to detail.

Buy known brands

When it comes to major kitchen appliances, it is a good idea to choose known brands that you know will stand the test of time. It might cost a little more, but you won’t regret the extra expense. Click here if you find pests in your rented home.

Composite materials

Luxury vinyl is the perfect flooring for the kitchen, which happens to be the busiest room in the house; why luxury vinyl? The finishes are stunning, thanks to hi-res digital images of stone, slate and timber, to bring you more than 100 different finishes, so there is bound to be one that ticks all the boxes. Engineered timber is another popular kitchen floor material, which is hard-wearing and very easy to install.

Plan your project

Create a large floorplan that is scaled down and mark all furniture and appliances, then create a materials and appliance list, while also noting to tools and equipment you are going to need. If you need any help, the web is full of free resources to help you with every stage of the project.

Choose two main colours

When thinking about colours, select two contrasting shades and they should make up the majority of the setting, with perhaps small splashes of rich colour.

Look for special deals

The Internet can help you to find special deals on kitchen appliances and furniture; online suppliers are typically cheaper than traditional brick-and-mortar stores, as they don’t have the high overheads and pass this on to the customer.

When you plan your kitchen renovation, cost the project and then you can start looking for an online supplier.


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