Top 23 Beautiful Kitchen Design Ideas


When you buy a house or move house, one of the first things you pay attention to is the kitchen and bathroom, because these are often the largest cost items to replace. Today we are going to talk about kitchens. We have gained kitchen inspiration for this.

Country kitchens

When I type “kitchen” on Pinterest, you quickly see THE trends in the kitchen area. What do I see there? You can see the country style, with large living kitchens with a bar with stools so that people can sit comfortably when someone is cooking, or where schoolwork or work can be done. In rural kitchens, a lot of wood is used, combined with a concrete kitchen top. With a large sink and a striking tap. But a country style can also be recognized by the details such as the handles and the light colors.

Industrial kitchens

You also see many industrial kitchens in which many dark colors are used, such as black, anthracite combined with white. You also often see raw wood in it, and large lamps or lamps that hang from a cord. Personally, I think this is the coolest. I really like the industrial style. You often also see walls that look very old, as in an old loft.

High gloss kitchens

If you want to go for sleek, a high-gloss kitchen could be something for you! High-gloss kitchens come in multiple colors, but most people go for natural tones. What is often a difficult choice for people is whether or not to use handles. I think a disadvantage of a high-gloss kitchen is that you can see everything on it, but I think our white kitchen, for example, looks very sleek and light.

Outdoor Kitchens

Something you see more and more is outdoor kitchens, this has come over from the US in recent years. You quickly think of large barbecues, fireplaces, with scaffolding wooden benches and tables under a large canopy. A real place to spend the summer as a family, for a nice breakfast in the sun, a delicious lunch, or a big dinner with friends.

A beautiful and clean kitchen increases the value of your home. We have created a list of the top 23 kitchen design ideas to make your home beautiful and well decorated.

1) American Design Solid Wooden Kitchen

2) Brown & White Wooden Kitchen

3) Brown Wood Kitchen Design with Gray Cooking Range

4) Elegant White Kitchen with Marble Top & Sink

5) Gray and White Theme Kitchen Design

6) Gray Wooden Kitch with Dining Table

7) Green Eco-Friendly Kitchen Design

8) Italian Design Kitchen with Wooden Floor Tiles

9) Pure Wood Architect Design Kitchen

10) Simple and small size kitchen

11) Small Size Kitchen With Marble Top Table

12) Well Ventilated kitchen design

13) Well Ventilated White & Brown Kitchen Design

14) White & Black Kitchen Design OreoTheme

15) White & Sky Blue Theme Kitchen

16) White Kitchen and Dining

17) White Open Kitchen Design

18) White Open Kitchen With Dining Table

19) Wooden Counter with Top Marble & Stove

20) Wooden Kitchen With Bar & Bar Stools

21) White Brick Wall Kitchen Design Idea

22) Italian Kitchen with Kitchen Counter and Chairs

23) White Kitchen Cabinets with Wooden Floor


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