Top 25 Hair Trends for Year 2022

Top Hair Trends 2022

What hairstyle did you have in 2021? What style changes will you make in 2022? Change can be very exciting and what’s better than changing at the beginning of a new year. Face the challenges of the new year with a new hairstyle that inspires and excites you. Because a woman who has her hair cut is about to change her life.

Now let’s jump into our time machine and travel a few months into the future to see what to expect in terms of hair trends in 2022.

While there is a huge variety of new hairstyle trends out there, in this blog post we share the top haircuts and hair color trends that will be trending in 2022. Let’s read this puff and find out what hairstyles are waiting for you in the coming 2022.

Top 25 Hair Trends for Upcoming 2022

1) Face-framing highlights

Face framing highlights
Image Source: Pinterest

This look requires face-framing highlights on the front of your hair that give the hair the lift it desires. If you choose warm tones, this look will add warmth and brighten your face like a halo. Another advantage of trying out Face-framing highlights hair trends is that it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and grows out seamlessly. Ginger Spice is a retro example of this trend, her face framed by blonde highlights that contrast with her red hair from the 90s. Even celebrities like Beyonce (we’re going to try everything Beyonce tries at least once) are rocking this look these days.

2) Praise (long bob) / Praise hairstyle

Praise (long bob)
Image Source: Pinterest

The list will not be completed with one of the most favorite hair trends is none other than “Praise”. This type of bob goes just above the shoulders, as opposed to the typical bob that only goes up to the jaw. The praise gives you enough length to do one more braid, which can be a total lifesaver for sweaty fitness sessions or other active days. For those who are a little unsure about a short haircut, the praise allows you to play it safe and still experiment a little with a shorter haircut. It is also easy to care for and flatters many different face shapes.

3) Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs
Image Source: Pinterest

Straight from the 70s, the curtain pony is back! These bangs are parted in the middle so that your face is a little hidden on either side. The curtain pony is ideal for women with round faces because it helps to lengthen the face. However, it is difficult for this pony to always sit properly as it naturally lies differently.

4) Color Contrasts / Color contrasts hairstyle

Color contrasts hairstyle
Image source: Pinterest

It’s a stark color look, so not for the faint of heart. Instead of gentle color transitions, as with ombre or balayage, this color contrast trend calls for a little more drama. If you are craving more adventure, than the 2022 hair trend God is calling you to try this trend.

5) Mini bangs

Mini bangs hairstyle
Image Source: Pinterest

We just had to add this hairstyle to our 2022 hair trend list! This face-framing style starts a few inches above the eyebrows. This super stylish bangs look is going to be seen even more in 2022 and until now it has either been that people love or hate this hairstyle. Either way, it is clear that this pony hairstyle makes a statement. If you’re not sure about this hairstyle, why not try temporary clip-in bangs first.

A great advantage of the micro-pony is that it does not hide your beauty, as it does not cover your face like a normal pony. He opens your face against it and makes it softer at the same time. And this look is anything but basic.

6) Peekaboo hair color

Peekaboo hair color
Image Source: Pinterest

This is a fun little color contrast without coloring the entire head. Peekaboo highlights are small highlights of color that are applied to the top layer of your hair so that they are slightly hidden. Usually, it’s a small speck of a bright color that can only be seen with a braid or with a random movement of the hair. Experiment with more traditional colors or even pastel colors. This look is primarily about the surprise effect.

7) Bronde

Image Source: Pinterest

You don’t know whether you want blonde or brown hair? Don’t worry, “bronde” is the intermediate color that celebrities and models wear. This hair color can be achieved in so many different ways by mixing different tones of blonde and brown. The positive thing is that the hair is less stressed than if you lighten the hair to a normal blonde.

8) Red hair

Red hair
Image Source: Pinterest

Gorgeous red hair will also be part of the 2022 hair trends. This color will warm you up and look fiery, red, hot! Opt for shampoos that are sulfate-free, as these will wash out your color quickly. In general, reds fade faster than other colors, and when red fades it is also more noticeable. From Riverdale’s Madeleine Petch to Emma Stone, if you’ve ever toyed with the idea of ​​dying your hair red, then maybe this year is the time.

9) Blunt Bob

Blunt Bob
Image Source: Pinterest

The bob is still classic and more popular than ever. We speak of a bob when the hair is cut in a straight line. The blunt bob is suitable for most face shapes and looks great with one hair color as well as with highlighted hair. The simplicity of the cut highlights the jawline which makes your face look great. Most women wear this haircut straight to emphasize the simplicity of the cut, but of course, you can also wear it curly.

10) Jagged Edge Bob

Jagged Edge Bob
Image Source: Pinterest

The classic bob is not a trend for 2022. We, therefore, assume that the bob hairstyle needs more texture. This means that this is not cut to one length but rather stepped. The tiered cut gives you a more edgy look than the classic bob. Since we got a certain “bob fatigue” from 2020, we had to add this new variant to the list of hair trends for 2021.

11) Curly highlights

Curly highlights
Image Source: Pinterest

For 2022, we predict that girls with thick curly manes will look more playful with highlights as these add drama and dimension to the curls. Be careful when coloring your curly hair, however, as it tends to become dry and frizzy quickly. To counteract this, use hair oils for extra hydration. But even a few strands can change a lot and don’t require a lot of maintenance, as the strands grow out over time and simply look more natural.

12) Shaved head

Shaved head
Image Source: Pinterest

Unlike in 2007, when Brittney Spears decided to shave her head, the bald look is trendy in 2022 and not automatically part of a midlife crisis. While this look doesn’t necessarily keep you warm this winter season, well-known celebs like Amber Rose, Cara Delevigne and Natalie Portman have rocked their heads shaved for most of their careers. The edgy, daring look may not work best for every face shape.

But maybe a quick Photoshop edit of one of yours will give you a rough idea of ​​whether the shaved head look is worth the personal risk. Some of the positives are that the hairstyle is super easy to maintain as no styling is required (what a dream). And if you happen to miss your mane, Try hair extensions.

13) Silver blonde

Silver Blonde
Image Source: Pinterest

While the silver hair trend came and went, we are now introducing you to the color silver blonde. The perfect way to get silver tones without going all-in. If you’d like to try this trend, purple shampoo will definitely be your new best friend.

14) Modern Shag

Modern Shag Hair style
Image Source: Pinterest

This haircut is straight out of the grunge scene of the 70s and 80s, but with a modern addition: more layers and volume. While many retro looks are currently making comebacks, the key here is to keep the original haircut without looking like a member of a metal band. Chances are you’ve seen Miley Cyrus rock this haircut lately, while Alex Chung has been showcasing variations on the shag haircut look for years. This look works even on girls with curly hair!

15) Hair up to the bottom

Hair up to the bottom / Long hair
Image Source: Pinterest

While some celebs wear super-short hairstyles (shaved heads and bowl cuts), some are following the mega-length trend (we’re talking about hair to the elbow). This look is timeless and bold in a different way too. If you are not gifted with the ability to grow your hair super long, we have the solution. Buy a set of our high-quality clip-in or tape-in extensions. We’ve seen Chrissy Tiegen and Selena Gomez rock this look and we expect more of it next year so we had to add it to our 2022 hair trends list.

16) Dip dye tips

Dip dye tips
Image Source: Pinterest

We absolutely had to add this trend to our list. As the name suggests, only the tips are colored in this trend. The perfect alternative for those who are afraid of coloring their entire hair brightly. The ends of the hair can range from super pop colors like pink to simpler tones like brown. Typically, the colored ends of your hair will last around 4-6 weeks, depending on how often you wash your hair.

17) Bowl cut

Bowl cut hair style
Image Source: Pinterest

The famous cringe bowl cut is making a comeback. Similar to the shaved head, we’re not sure everyone can wear this look, but it has become a stylish and fashionable haircut. It’s also a pretty cheap proposition because all it takes to achieve this look is – a bowl, scissors, and a steady hand.

Charlize Theron, who recently had this hairstyle, gave us the impetus to add the bowl cut to the list of hair trends for 2022. However, we would like to recommend that you have this hairstyle cut by a professional hairstyle, as this can add even more dimension to the cut.

18) Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut
Image Source: Pinterest

This super cute short haircut is known for being short on the sides and longer on the top, accompanied by very short bangs. The shape of the face is important to this cut and it definitely doesn’t suit everyone. This hairstyle is a daring step as it takes around 20 months for the hair to be shoulder length back. So just don’t choose it after a breakup and think twice about it. Many celebrities have rocked this short haircut, including Halle Berry,  Zoe Kravitz, and Katy Perry.

19) Pastel colors

Pastel colors Hairstyle
Image Source: Pinterest

If you are toying with the idea of ​​trying an extraordinary pastel hair color, keep in mind that this look is anything but cheap or easy to care for. It usually takes more than one session at a hairdresser to bleach hair to a light enough color, which can then be over-dyed with a pastel shade. But if you still want to face the challenge, then you will be a bad eye-catcher for everyone!

20) Mulled mullet

Mulled mullet
Image Source: Pinterest

Business in the front, party in the back! While no one expected this trend to pick up any further in 2022, the party seems to continue. The mullet is the cousin of the Modern Shag, the only real difference is that the mullet is made up of two different haircuts. While you have to be quite brave to wear a classic mullet, many trendsetters rock a gentler version. This low-key mullet means that the bangs are still very short but the transition to the long part of the hair on the back isn’t that extreme.

21) Caramel highlights

Caramel highlights
Image Source: Pinterest

These warm highlights suit every skin type. Since highlights are less harmful than coloring all of your hair, this is a popular option for many people. If you are concerned about broken hair in general, this trend is a great option for you too. Over the years we have seen many celebrities rock these delicious caramel highlights and we will keep chasing this trend this 2022 because it is just so versatile.

22) Hair color mahogany

Hair color mahogany
Image Source: Pinterest

This beautiful hair color is making a comeback this year. Rich mahogany that combines the best of red and brown hair makes for an extremely deep and hot look. If you want to give a mysterious impression, this could be the shade to try out in 2022. Zendaya Maree has been spotted on the red carpet with this hair color and she was the inspiration for adding this look to our 2022 hair trends list.

23) Balayage with the approach

Balayage Hair approach
Image Source: Pinterest

The already popular balayage look will continue in 2022. The perfect look for those who want it easy to care for and don’t want to worry about frequent hairline treatments and still want to bring color and dimension to their hair. If you want to add some length to your balayage, then you should consider using hair extensions.

24) Chocolate brown hair

Chocolate brown hair
Image Source: Pinterest

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Before you get too hungry, let’s talk about chocolate brown colored hair. In 2022 this hair color will be even more popular. There are many chocolate brown tones to choose from, coffee, toffee, hot chocolate, and much more. One is more delicious than the other. Delicate, rich chocolate brown can give you a stylish, romantic, yet dramatic look.

25) Long steps

Long steps hairstyle
Image Source: Pinterest

In the early 2000s, this haircut was a classic. With long hair, you can play around with different hairstyles more than short ones, so this cut is of course very popular. The steps also give the illusion of more volume and more length. If you shouldn’t have naturally thick hair and want to achieve even more length and volume, then just try a set of our hair extensions.

The beginning of a new year is always something special. It’s a chance to start over, set new goals, and be who you always wanted to be. Try out our 2022 hair trend predictions to spice up your look. Whether you want to play it safe or be brave, this list gives you some ideas to experiment with. Are you playing with the idea of ​​going red-haired or do you prefer to combine two trends and dye the ends of your hair with a pastel color? No matter what you do, it will definitely look great!


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