4 Uncommon Ways to Cure Mental Health


We live in a day and age where so many people are recognizing the way mental health affects them personally in their day to day. It is much more common for people of all ages to show signs and symptoms that they may have one or more forms of a mental illness.

We also have come to a time where doctors may be over-prescribing even when there is an ongoing list of symptoms caused by every single prescribed medication out there. Yes, these medications are lifesaving and can be an amazing tool for many people.

But also, we may be overusing in an area where we should not be. Are they causing more problems than solutions? Are we finding the joy in life that we once may have felt? The Healing Sanctuary has your answer. Aside from medications, listed below are 4 uncommon ways to assist in curing a mental illness: hormone therapy, acoustic lightwave therapy, TMS, and functional health.

Hormone Therapy

Most people will not be aware that they have a hormone imbalance. A list of common symptoms of hormone imbalance may include; mood changes, depression, and anxiety, headaches, low libido, weight gain, brain fog and memory loss, night sweats, decreased muscle strength and joint pain, and fatigue and lack of motivation.

If you have any of these symptoms, it might be time to seek out other options in working with your unpleasant symptoms. Some benefits that may come from successful hormone therapy might include; increased ability to lose weight, increased mental clarity, restoration or increase in sex drive, improvement in energy and mood, limit age-related illness or disease, and feeling better and improvement in quality of life.

Acoustic Lightwave Therapy

Acoustic lightwave therapy is a cutting edge technology that is completely natural and safe. It emits high frequency waves that will break down cell walls in disease organisms and pathogens. It is also drug-free and effective. Which is highly uncommon to most people, but being sought out more and more to avoid unwanted negative side effects that come with the common prescribed drugs that are likely overused.


TMS is a highly effective non-invasive procedure. It is non-surgical and painless. Most people are not aware that there is such a procedure that is on the rise to being the forefront of mental health care.

TMS is also covered by most insurances. It has no negative side effects and you are able to return to your normal activities immediately after each procedure. This mechanism will help the neurotransmitters in the brain to electronically connect rather than chemically as done with medications.

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Functional Health

The Healing Sanctuary can assist in an array of functional health topics that are separated into categories. These categories are autoimmune, chronic pain, regenerative medicine, hyperbarics, root problems, arthritis, neuropathy, brain fog, and detox. These are some great topics to explore more and educate yourself on. It is much better to be aware of these possible issues and be prepared to act when the time comes to cure your mental state.


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