Different Ways to Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger


Buying an engagement ring comes with a heavy price tag attached to it. Such rings not just include a good quality metal but also diamonds to make the ring look unique, beautiful, and attractive. The addition of large, high-quality, flashy center stone, also increases the price. To buy an engagement ring within the budget buyers try that the ring they will pick for the special person will look expensive and unique as per their requirement.

One of the best ways to pick the best engagement ring without making a hole in the pocket is to make sure that your engagement ring will look bigger. No doubt, making an engagement ring will look bigger is not an easy process. But there are various tricks that can be used to get the desired results. Some common ways that help a lot in making an engagement ring look bigger are mentioned below.

Thinner Bands

Engagement rings with thinner bands look bigger than those with wider bands. The major reason behind this is the area covered by the wider rings that make the ring look smaller. But engagement rings with thinner bands look bigger. A diamond of any size looks bigger when it is seen against a smaller metal band. Choosing a thin band for the engagement ring is one of the best ways to emphasize the diamond as well as make it look bigger.

Shiny Metals

The metal you choose for the engagement ring also plays an effective role in making it look smaller or bigger. The role of the ring band in making the ring look smaller or bigger is not just limited to the width only, but the metal of it also matters a lot. Engagement rings with shiny white metal, like white gold or platinum distract the viewers less from the center stone. Such metal gives a good look to the ring and complements the sparkle of the diamond. It also reduces the contrast between the ring metal and diamond due to which they both almost merge into each other. The use of such metals for the engagement ring makes the ring look bigger.

Diamond Size

One thing that we cannot ignore in engagement rings is the diamonds. The center of attraction in engagement rings is the diamond added to them. Many people prefer buying rings with large size diamonds with the misconception that the addition of large size diamonds will make their engagement ring look bigger. But this concept works reversely and makes the ring look smaller. It is always better to consider buying small diamonds over large diamonds and make your engagement ring look bigger. Choosing small diamonds over a large diamond also helps you save money as it prevents you from buying a diamond with a carat weight.

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Fancy Shapes

Many buyers prefer choosing fancy shapes for their engagement ring to make it look bigger. Where using a round diamond for the engagement ring just increase the cost of the ring due to per carat weight, using diamonds of elongated shapes, such as pear, oval, emerald, marquise, etc. helps to improve the ring look. You can also buy ruby engagement rings for a bigger look. Such ring styles help to add up plenty of room on the fingers due to which they look bigger than their actual size.

Cluster Setting

One of the best ways to make your engagement ring look bigger is by surrounding your ring diamond. Using the trick of surrounding the engagement ring with smaller diamonds helps to make it look bigger. Such ring setting is quite popular among engagement ring shoppers and is popularly known as the halo/cluster setting. For the perfect look, you can also choose a cluster setting. Such settings include tiny diamonds that are of the same color as well as size. The diamonds are set tightly and perfectly in a cluster, which creates the illusion of a large diamond.

Colored Stones

Many people keep their focus on regular diamonds and their shape. They never think about choosing color stones for their engagement rings. However, one of the best ways to make an engagement ring look bigger is the addition of colored diamonds or stones to it. Colored stones not only just cost less and help you save more but also make your tiny engagement ring look bigger. Stone of colors such as blue, pink, green, etc. makes the ring look bigger. No matter whether you are thing about a sapphire engagement ring or a vintage engagement ring, just make sure the color of the stone and its size, will match perfectly with the metal of your engagement ring.

Different Cut

To make an engagement ring look bigger, you cannot ignore the cut of the diamond. Round cuts diamonds are not just expensive but are also deep and have less surface area. But on the other side fancy cuts like cushion cut diamonds are less expensive and have more surface area. Increasing the surface area of the diamond face helps you make your ring look bigger.

Final Thoughts

When buying an engagement ring many people compromise with the quality and choose low-carat diamonds or stones to make it look bigger. Doing this just prevents you from buying a durable and quality product. So make sure you will buy a ring from a professional and will pay more attention to the quality. This will help you get a quality ring at less cost.


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