5 Ways to Wash a Leather Jacket

how to wash leather jacket

A leather jacket is one of those pieces of clothing that any fashion lover should have in their wardrobe. However, you may want to know how to take care of your leather jacket. Learn all about how to wash a leather jacket in this article!

A leather jacket is a must in any wardrobe. But unlike other garments, you need to take extra care to keep them in perfect shape. Today we are going to look at some ways to wash a leather jacket.

A leather jacket never goes out of fashion and can be a cool style for any outfit. It is also a versatile jacket that can be worn with a skirt, jeans, high heels, or a dress.

Leather jackets are also known as biker jackets, leather jackets, bomber jackets, and the like. It is a product that became popular with the Air Force during World War II because it protects soldiers from the cold. Leather is one of the oldest materials used by humans.

It was bikers and rockers who made leather jackets a symbol of fashion in popular culture and into a symbol of rebellion and attitude. Today you can find products in many colors and styles, or even made from faux leather and other artificial materials.

In this article, we’ll show you 5 ways how to wash a leather jacket

Since leather is a delicate material, special care is required. The first thing to keep in mind is that you need to know exactly what type of material your jacket is made of. First, let’s check if it’s made of natural leather or polyurethane.

In general, natural leather requires more care but is a long-lasting material. The main problem with synthetic leather is that it starts to peel off over time.

Regardless of the type of leather material, remember that leather jackets must not be placed in the washing machine together with the rest of your clothes.

Here are a few tips to keep your jacket intact and clean.

Whether your leather jacket is natural or synthetic, do not put it in the washing machine.

1) Washing the lining of a leather jacket

Leather jackets usually have a lining that allows direct contact with the body. However, it is not recommended to wash clothes after each use.

You can clean the lining with a soft brush or cloth, such as the one you use on your baby’s head. When washing the lining, use a mixture of laundry soap, vinegar, and baking soda.

Vinegar and baking soda are great for removing odors and bacteria, but be careful not to soak the jacket in the mixture.

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2) Washing the jacket with soapy water

Mix water and some mild soap. Make sure the solution has a higher water content than soap, as there is a risk of damage and discoloration of the leather. Dip a sponge in the finished solution and gently wipe the jacket around the dirtiest areas.

Then wipe the jacket with a damp towel to remove the soap. Again, avoid immersing your clothes directly in excessive soapy water, which can leave stains.

3) Must dry properly

how to wash leather jacket

Leather jackets are very sensitive to liquids and can even develop mildew, so drying is an important part of keeping the jacket in optimum condition. After wiping the jacket with a damp cloth, the surface should be dried with a towel.

You can also hang it in a cool place to dry it completely. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, as this may affect the color.

4) Moisturize the leather jacket

There are many leather jacket care products on the market that provide moisture to the surface to prevent the leather from cracking or losing its luster. You can also use shea butter, a natural product that has multiple uses.

As you can see, you can restore a leather jacket by using a moisturizing substance. Just apply a small amount to a soft cloth and rub it all over the jacket.

Do not wash leather jackets by soaking them in water, as this can cause mildew.

5) Use of special leather products

There are specific products that protect and clean leather. You can also purchase a leather cleaner suitable for high-quality leather, or a waterproofing agent that protects the leather from water.

Of course, these products can be expensive, but if properly cared for, they are a great investment in clothing that will last for years. You can also clean your shoes with a leather-only product.

Let’s check the label on the leather jacket

We’ve seen a few ways to wash a leather jacket, but don’t forget that it’s just as important to read the proper care instructions on the clothing label. When in doubt, you should take your clothes to the laundromat.

However, dry cleaning is not suitable for all garments. According to a study conducted by the Department of Textile and Garment Design at the University of Palermo, faux leather jackets can be damaged by some materials used in dry cleaning. This is because synthetic leather is usually made of a plastic material that is not heat resistant.


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