We Always Reap What We Sow


If we give something good to others, life, we will get a positive gesture back. On the other hand, if we give something harmful, one day we will experience the same.

Of course, we are not always conscious of it, but we receive what we give. You reap what you sow. It can be both an advantage of giving and one of the punishments for not giving correctly.

Why is everyone leaving me? Why do things happen to me so disappointing?

The results of our actions may not appear immediately, but over time we will reap what we sow. Perhaps at that time, we forgot what we did.

Some people call this ‘karma’, others call it ‘justice’. Whatever you say, the truth is that it’s important to focus on what you give and how you give it.

I don’t know when, but it’s time to look into the future to harvest healthy fruits in the future.

Attitude to life

Believe it or not, our attitudes and decisions about life shape our destiny. Therefore,  it is important to act in the best way. Because as we sow we will receive.

If you continue to live in fear, what will you gain in the future? a greater fear

If you think that everything is decided and make a decision without thinking too much, will things really happen as they are set?

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In most cases in life, it seems much easier to just avoid the obstacles that make us suffer. But if you need to, you have to do what you’re afraid of. You have to experience what it feels like to have the courage to do something you never thought you would be able to do.

What you do now is important. You won’t get another chance later.

Are you ready to focus on giving to others and change your attitude towards life to make more conscious decisions? Are you ready to reap what you sow?

What should I sow?

You try to remember phrases like “Give without expectations and get anything back”, but if you don’t receive anything, you feel bad, unhappy, and underestimated.

If we want to receive the same goodness we give, we must remember the importance of this phrase. You have to focus on what you give and completely forget about what you will receive.

You may have acted generously, but never received anything in return. On the other hand, many things in life may not have problems, and life may give us difficulties we have never experienced before.

However, these are just tests. What does it mean to reap what you sow?

If in the face of adversity you doubt your beliefs, feel victimized, and return to your past attitudes, you will be on a path that will never make you happy in the future.

After all,  they tend to become obsessively obsessed with things as well as people. And afraid of losing something, letting themselves go.

But our consistent life will come back to us.

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Don’t resist, follow the flow

It’s important to accept what’s happening, to not be attached to anything, and to be free. Let everything go with the flow, and don’t resist change.

There are some lessons we need to remember, and we can apply them in our daily lives. Because it can be applied to the things mentioned above.

  • If you sow the wind, the storm will grow.
  • As long as you avoid accepting it, it will continue to happen.
  • Don’t worry about the things around us changing, let’s change ourselves first. You will experience a truly peaceful state.
  • The bad things that happen to us reflect our thoughts, the thoughts we had before.
  • Every step, no matter how small, send us in a different direction.

Pay attention. By following these things, you will be able to follow the flow. Let’s open our eyes: Life will show us the best. It will guide you where to go.

Don’t force or resist, just believe in it. In the end, we will get what we give.


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