What is a Crisis? Age Crisis. Cause of the Crisis


A crisis in psychology is considered a period when the person undergoes some changes. These steps are essential for normal development and should not be feared. More than once in his life, he thinks about what a crisis is, how it may manifest itself and how to deal with it.

Important Steps For Children

Temporal boundaries here are conditional. Experts say that the mind of a child is especially vulnerable at the age of 1, 3, 6, 7, 11 years. This period can be considered a turning point in development. They can manifest themselves in mental instability, contradictory and conflicting behaviors. Parents need to understand the crisis and act patiently towards their children.

Do not be afraid that mutual understanding will disappear forever. Better to help children get through difficult times for themselves and the new unknown frontier.

Crisis of the First Year of Life

The most important thing the baby learned during this time – walking now he perceives the world in a completely different way and increases his possibilities. The child wants to know something new as much as possible. Everything makes him genuinely interested. So he climbs into all the boxes and hidden corners of the apartment. This desire for independence often manifests itself as a complete abandonment of adult support and integrity when goal achievement is not achieved.

Difficulties in the Third Grade of Life

This age should be considered a new round development of a small personality. In principle, the difficulties seem much brighter than the crises of the first year of life. The child already has basic skills and handles many tasks independently. He understands that he is not too dependent on adults, and therefore he stubbornly adheres to his rights.

The causes of the crisis are understandable, but still baby behavior often frightens parents. In an obedient infant, he falls into a capricious pervert. Stubbornness and inconsistency appear in everything that ends with eating and walking.

6 years of Crisis

At this age, a preschooler can act inappropriately and completely ignore the words of his parents. Parents only reinforce the requirement in response to this. To establish a good relationship, an adult must know: the child must be convinced that he has become “big”. There is no need to respond to every attack of his, it is better to slowly get used to independence and encourage his first attempts to take on responsibility.

A child should feel and feel that each action has some consequences.

The problem of “middle age”

Sometimes parents begin to understand what is at risk for children only after 10 years. Psychologists say that it is during this time that the first signs of transition may appear. Teenagers change both internally and externally, and sometimes they are afraid of even what is happening. He begins to think and feel differently.

In order not to lose mutual understanding, you need to explain to the child what is happening to him and not put pressure on him with his own authority.

Midlife Crisis

This period is in the life of both men and women. Many are accustomed to throwing and experience that takes place between 30-40 years.

The causes of a crisis can be different, but most often:

  • “I didn’t get anything.”
  • “I have a bad job.”
  • “I have no children.”
  • “I am unhappy.”

These are just a few of the parts that cause real storms when they are 30-40 years old in the human soul.

How can women survive a crisis?

At the age of 30, when a woman’s dreams do not come true, she begins to think about the meaning of life. A woman may find that she does not understand what to do next. During this time, you should stop your day-to-day routines and think about what you want to improve and fix. When you reach middle age, a crisis, your thirst for change, can have serious consequences.


About 30-35 years a man begins state in which everything bothers him: his reflection in the mirror, the behavior of his children, relatives, colleagues, and even his wife. It deals with a longing for change, which is simply impossible to resist. Even an exemplary husband can forget about his family and start taking everything seriously.

A man has a keen aspiration for who he was. He can buy fashionable clothes, frolic with young beauties and burn time and money in entertainment venues. In particular, such changes threaten the wife. Because she is always there.

The crisis of all ages is that the man himself does not understand what is happening to him. A person cannot explain his actions and actions. In this state, he begins to rush to extremes to prove to himself and those around him that he is worthy.

A men’s midlife crisis may have a less devastating impact than a global crisis. They fall into long binge drinking, crushing families, and quitting their jobs in a long-lasting depression.

What should I do?

No matter how hard this period may be, remember that it is inevitable and one day it will pass. Be patient and don’t bury your head in the sand. Coping with your own feelings and experiences can help you reach a new stage in your life and grow.

A wife should give her husband personal space. Do not push it. It is better to take responsibility for your own happiness so as not to depend on your partner during this period. A man going through a crisis must say he is loved and needed by his family. You should not expect reciprocal feelings to be sufficient to show sensitivity, tenderness, and affection.

When salvation cannot be obtained from alcohol, tobacco or drugs. It won’t help solve the problem, but only make it worse.

Incentives and Goals

It is necessary to accept the fact that almost no one can get through the crises of the times. The news that a person brings to life brings to his emotions and experiences that are unfamiliar to him, and he himself does not know what to do with it. Overcoming the crisis requires new incentives and motivation. The outlet works for someone, and someone with new powers rises up the career ladder.

If you think about what a crisis is, understand that it is an indicator of a person’s unread about the changes that are taking place. Sometimes this period is a convenient marker to justify one’s actions and explain one’s own selfishness. People who think a crisis has relieved their guilt and responsibility tend to do a lot of stupid things, the consequences of which are less harmful than a global crisis.

It is necessary for a person to realize that 30-40 years is not the end of life, maybe only the beginning.


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