What is Parawood? Its Usage and Comparison with Other Types of Wood

What is Parawood - parawood vs pine
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Parawood is the kind of wood material used to design furniture. It is also used for installing floors and cabinets. This type of wood is grown in regions like Brazil and Southeast Asia and extensively in Indonesia, Central America, and Indonesia. The scientific name of parawood is Hevea brasiliensis. Its heartwood has a light blonde to medium tan color. It is easy to work with both hand and machine tools. Its color tends to darken slightly with age. In this article we learn about what is parawood and more details about parawood

What Is Parawood & Where does Parawood come from?

They are grown from Malaysian oak trees which are also known as rubber trees. Parawood produces a sappy type structure and its texture is the same as latex. It is eco-friendly by nature. Parawood is tough, hard, and extremely strong in texture. It is pale yellowish in color. It is highly easy to work with which makes it a favorite for furniture crafters.

What is Parawood - parawood vs pine

In early times, it wasn’t much in use as it is in use today because parawood is susceptible to fungal and insecticidal attacks that’s why back then, it was used on small scale. Due to the presence of the high amount of starch, it attracts fungi and insects which makes their decaying process very easy.

The fascinating fact about parawood is that it is one of the best renewable sources of wood. Moreover, it is renewable as in when latex can’t be produced from it anymore, this tree breakdown and start growing new plants by itself that’s why it is also considered as environmentally friendly. It is very easy to clean and is appropriate for resilient environments, such as gyms, basements, playrooms, laundry rooms, and utility areas.

Due to its color, it is very versatile to make furniture after polishing. It has a grainy texture that’s very dense, making it durable and steady. It can last for 20 years if it gets proper chemical treatment. It grows to about 75-80 feet high. It’s better not to use this wood outdoor because it is susceptible to attacks. Overexposure to wet and moisture will cause wood to get rotten and warp.

It can be available easily and can be bought as the finished or unfinished form which is a plus point. It is strong and durable which makes it known as good quality. It is safe to use because it is made naturally and its material is sustainable. It is not toxic initially not even as a raw material. However, using it with the chemical can make it toxic and harmful in some conditions.

How to take care of parawood to make it long-lasting?

Here are a few tips you can follow if you want your parawood to last longer. The process is very easy. To wash parawood items, dip a piece of cloth in mild soapy with water solution and clean it at least once or twice a year and dry it thoroughly so that no moisture left that will cause it to bloat or prevent it from fungal growth.

To keep its sparkle, you can polish it once the dirt is collected over time. This will make your parawood feel fresh and make it look new. try to avoid using parawood in the dry or hot area as it will cause them to shrink and also avoid putting hot objects on it. In case any spill appears, you can clean it with rubbing alcohol.

Can you paint parawood on your own?

Yes, sure you can paint parawood all by yourself. Here are a few steps you should follow and keep in mind before painting it.

  1. Clean the wood and sand it with sandpaper gently.
  2. Wipe all the dirt and dust with a piece of cloth.
  3. Place the tape over places where you want it to be painted.
  4. Add a roller or brush and paint it in a regular manner
  5. Before painting, must apply the coat of primer, this will help paint stick on the wood easily
  6. Once you are done with painting, remove the tapes and apply finishing products
  7. Leave it to dry for 2-3 days and it is easy to use.

Advantages of using parawood:

It can long last if it is well taken care of. It is very comfortable and easy to use. It has the property of stain resistance. It is heat resistance that’s why it can also provide safety from fire and burn situations. It can act as an excellent shock absorber that’s why it is widely used in a gym because it provides good softening for people who work out there so that it won’t give them injury. It makes walking easy for seniors and reduces the risk of joint stress. It also protects from injuries or harm caused by severe training and the most important benefit is that it can be recycled.

What is Parawood - parawood vs pine
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Disadvantages of using parawood:

It is beneficial as well as has its drawbacks. Everything comes with its disadvantages. Detergent and strong cleaning liquid can cause discoloration and destroy the quality of parawood. There are chances of grease if not removed immediately. Excessive moisture can also destroy its quality and can cause seepage problems.

It is quite slippery to walk if there is any water on the floor and the most important disadvantage is that it is very expensive than any other wood. Being high in starch can attract insects and fungus which will destroy its quality. It warps, bows and twists, and splits easily therefore requires proper cutting technique and should be used with care.

Why should we choose parawood?

If you are planning to use parawood in your home, or if you are looking to change or upgrade the furniture in your home then parawood is a great choice. And with the proper care and attention, your parawood will certainly stand up against both time and stress. it looks beautiful and it has a very stable interior structure which holds a very long life. Here are a few more facts to consider before thinking about why to choose this wood and not any other kind of wood.

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Parawood vs Pine

Why choose parawood over pinewood?

There are a few key differences between parawood and pine that you should be aware of before making a purchase. For starters, parawood is a hardwood, while pine is a softwood. This means that parawood is more durable and sturdy, making it ideal for furniture or other household items that will see a lot of use. Pine, on the other hand, is better suited for projects that don’t require as much strength, such as picture frames or molding.

Parawood vs Pine: The main difference between both these kinds of wood is that parawood produces latex while pinewood produces resin and because of this they both have different purposes and benefits for their uses. Pinewood is used outdoor but parawood is used indoors. Moreover, pinewood is used for building walls interiorly and exteriorly.

Parawood vs Oak

Why choose parawood over oak wood?

When choosing between parawood vs oak, it is important to consider the specific needs of your project. If you need a hardwood that is resistant to rot and decay, then oak is the better choice. However, if you need a lighter wood that is easier to work with, then parawood may be the better option. Ultimately, the decision between these two woods will come down to your specific needs and preferences.

The main difference between both of them is durability. Oak is less durable than parawood because it gets shrunk easily due to its weak internal compact structure.

Parawood vs Beech Wood

Why choose parawood over beech wood?

The reason behind giving parawood more priority over beech wood is that parawood is much softer which make hardwood floor much better. Beech wood easily gets stained while parawood is resistant to stains.

Parawood vs Maple

Why choose parawood over maple?

Maple is also a hardwood but it is used to make sports-related items like hockey, cricket, bowling pins, and baseball bats. It is very tough and rigid and therefore it has its importance in sports factories while parawood is a softwood and therefore can be used in making furniture, cabinets, or even floors.

What is Parawood Furniture

Parawood furniture is made from a tropical hardwood tree known as rubberwood. The tree is native to Thailand and Malaysia and has been used in furniture production for centuries. The wood is extremely strong and durable, making it ideal for use in furniture. Parawood furniture is typically made with a simple design, and is often stained or painted to give it a unique look.

Parawood wood furniture is a versatile collection of pieces that are available in a variety of colors and styles. This particular piece of furniture is very popular because it generally is easy to care for, doesn’t need to be dusted regularly, and isn’t known to attract any insects. In addition, this type of furniture is often be made with a simple design.

Some popular furniture pieces made of parawood are dining room chairs, end tables, and even bedside tables and writing desks. This parawood furniture can be painted or stained to give it a unique look. Often, it is left in its natural state, which can give it a rustic appearance if it has a dark color and a smooth and light appearance if it has a light color.


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