What Parents Need to Know About Squid Game


Is it all just a game or serious seriousness? The combination of playful elements with sweat-inducing drama creates excitement among viewers in films and series. The Netflix series “Squid Game” also relies on this and is currently triggering a new debate among educators and worries among parents.

What’s the Hype is All About?

In Squid Game – highly indebted people compete against each other in seemingly harmless game rounds in order to win high prize money. It’s not about ambition and fun, but about life and death – because whoever loses dies.

In the past few weeks, the nine-part series has sparked international hype and is known as the most successful Netflix series of all time. Even if Squid Game is officially recommended by Netflix for ages 16 and up, children and young people obviously also watch the series, find articles on popular social media platforms, or have bought the right Halloween costumes. The competitions are re-enacted in schoolyards and appropriate penalties, for example, whistling, are devised for the losers.

What Creates Enthusiasm?

In fact, Squid Game serves a pop culture trend with its brightly colored colors and the Asian Manga aesthetic, which is also popular among girls and boys in this country. At the same time, crossing borders and fearfulness (through challenges) in media consumption are typical phenomena of growing up, with which one can gain recognition from friends and a feeling of belonging to oneself.

Is Squid Game’s Content Suitable for Kids

The problem is the violence explicitly shown in the series, which is difficult to endure and disturbing for children and young adolescents. In addition, drastic violence is legitimized as an acceptable option for game losers.

This creates a problematic connection that children are not yet able to classify well. In addition, many Youtubers and influencers, who are popular with children, jump on the topic, show content from the series, earn money with it, and do not live up to their responsibility towards their young followers. Even without having seen the series, younger people can easily come into contact with it via social networks.

What can you do as a Parent?

We recommend parents with younger children to prevent access to this series via the corresponding account settings on Netflix and to take a clear position. Parents should also keep an eye on the use of various social media portals, secure profiles well and discuss with their children what they see there and why. It is worth talking to parents of young people who are enthusiastic about the series. Here you can discuss, among other things, which image of society is portrayed in the series, how poor and rich people are dealt with, or whether money makes you happy.


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