What To Expect When Moving To Jacksonville, FL


Relocating to any new city can be stressful and daunting for quite a few reasons. Not only is it tricky to plan a long-distance move, but keeping things under control when moving to a new home comes with quite a few challenges. While you can ease some moving challenges by decluttering, getting rid of things you don’t need, and choosing a reliable moving company, there might still be some bumps along the way.

Even so, there are tons of reasons to consider moving to a new city. You’ll have the opportunity to start a new chapter in your life, access a better job market, and even find an affordable property.

With that said, if you’re planning on moving to Jacksonville, Florida, San Francisco, New York, or any other city, here’s what you can expect.

The Cost Of Living Is Affordable

Jacksonville is one of the more affordable cities to live in; the cost of living is about 10% lower than average. The average income required to live comfortably in Jacksonville is roughly $38,000, and the average property for a single person is around $200,000. This city is even known as one of the most affordable cities in Florida as well.

The Job Market Is Growing

It’s typically best to secure employment before relocating to a new city. But if you’re choosing Jacksonville, you’ll find your job hunt a lot easier. The job market in Jacksonville has grown about 14%, which means there are plenty more career opportunities for you to sift through.

Due to the flourishing job market, the unemployment rate in Florida is exceptionally low, sitting at about 3.5%.

Vibrant Culture

Beyond a great housing market and a thriving job market, Jacksonville is also home to a vibrant arts and culture scene. The region celebrates rich culture and history through festivals, live music events, social gatherings, and plenty of museums.

Superior Education

If you’re relocating to a new city with your family, you can expect to find schools of a high standard. Jacksonville is known for its superior education systems and some of the best educational facilities in the whole country.

Some renowned schools here include Episcopal, Greenwood College, John Stockton Elementary, Jacksonville Country Day, and Fishweir Elementary.

Mouth-Watering Cuisine

If you’re a self-proclaimed foodie, you’ll quickly fall in love with the food scene. Even though the cuisine here isn’t as bold as in other cities in Florida, you’ll still find tons of eateries, food trucks, and decadent cuisines in Jacksonville.

Some great eateries to consider are The Bearded Pig, Maple Street Biscuit Company, Orsay, and the Flying Iguana Taqueria.

Exploring The City

Jacksonville has tons of memorable experiences to offer visitors and residents alike. You’ll have access to the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, a few golf courses, the St John Town Center, and so much more. In addition to tons of family-friendly outings, the nightlife scene in this city is also bustling and vibrant.

Relocating to a new city is a big decision. So, it’s essential to do as much research on your chosen destination as possible. The more you know about your new home city, the easier it will be to settle in, explore, and make new friends.


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