Which is Worse? Between Sugar and Salt


Excessive intake of sugar and salt is known to increase the risk of various chronic diseases. But sugar or salt, which is worse when consumed in excess?

Sugar VS Salt: Which Is Worse if You Eat Too Much?

It is associated with various diseases,

As research and science on food properties advances, this claim is losing ground.

It is related to excessive consumption of sugar.


Salt has long been associated with arteriosclerosis and increased blood pressure. However, recent studies, such as a study published in an American medical journal, tend to question this relationship.

There is a minimum amount that must be consumed in order for vital functions to develop properly.

Must be ingested through food

Obesity, inactivity, and a high-calorie diet cause hardening of the arteries

Excessive salt intake should be avoided, but it should be kept to a minimum for the body to function properly.


It is used in the manufacture of many processed foods.

Glucose is a nutrient that our body can synthesize on its own from proteins and fatty acids.

The current sugar intake is well above the recommended amount.

Increases the chances of being overweight and obese.

Which one is worse if you overdose?

This is because sugar is not an essential nutrient and has a clear causal relationship to disease.

It has very beneficial effects on our body.

It will reduce obesity rates and reduce obesity-related diseases such as heart disease.

Consuming too much sugar increases the risk of chronic disease. It is not an essential nutrient, but it is worse than salt when consumed in excess, and there are many benefits if you do not consume it at all.

How to reduce your sugar intake?

Replacing sugar-rich processed foods with sugar-free products

It is good to use fruit for sweetening.

This change will be difficult at first because our taste buds are accustomed to processed foods. However, over time, you will no longer feel the “need” to eat processed foods, and your health will improve significantly.

In case of excessive intake, sugar and salt are not good, and we must not forget.

Therefore, if the diet is not strict, sugar can be consumed in a certain amount just like salt. This is the best way if you don’t want to lose the joy of eating while staying healthy.


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