Why Hugging is Good for Your Health


A hug may seem like a great moment, but in fact, the effect of hugging is more than that. Hugs provide us with several health benefits. Let’s share a warm hug!

Hugs make you one with each other, give you peace of mind, express your feelings, and make you feel like you’ve won the whole world. There are many reasons why hugs are good for your health. So don’t underestimate hugs. Giving a hug is like getting an injection with a psychological effect!

Hugging with someone releases oxytocin, also known as the ‘happiness’ hormone. In particular, it is related to the social bond between mother and child. It also lowers blood pressure and stress levels and increases overall well-being.

For hugs to work, you need to hold this contact for a few seconds and be sincere. There is nothing more pleasant than being in the arms of a loved one.

Most of us have been taught hugging as a sign of intimacy. You are right, of course, but even a hug in the street with a stranger can bring life to your ordinary life.

To Supply Oxygen to the Body

Being held in someone’s arms stimulates hemoglobin levels, allowing more oxygen to be delivered to essential body organs, including the bloodstream. It is as if you are instantly rejuvenated!

Lowers high blood pressure

The benefits of lowering high blood pressure can come from not just hugs, but the simple act of holding hands with a loved one. Holding hands or hugging will slow your heart rate and lower your blood pressure, reducing your risk of developing heart problems and making you more calm.

Helps your baby’s development

Hugging a newborn can help mothers, families, doctors and nurses boost their energy and immune system, and help their environment improve their development. Hugs can also help you recognize other people!

Reduce Stress

When you return home from a stressful day, the greatest gift you can give is a hug with your child, lover or pet. Direct contact with loved ones greatly reduces worries, helps you forget about work or financial difficulties, and puts a smile on your face.

More effective than taking a warm bath or drinking herbal tea, a hug can help you say goodbye to stress.

Strengthen Immunity

Hugs provide another advantage that we can benefit from as we age. Hugs with someone strengthen your immune system and reduce the number of illnesses, especially in winter. So when the temperature drops, it’s good to share a warm hug with people. Hugs can also help prevent colds and sore throats.

Relieves Insomnia

Hugs are a powerful sleeping pill when you have a problem or can’t fall asleep due to heavy rain and wind. If you can’t fall asleep easily and your health is negatively affected, sleeping next to your loved one is the best medicine.

If you live alone, hug your dog or cat!

Acts as a Natural Antidepressant

Not only does this physical contact help you sleep and relieve stress, it also acts as a powerful antidepressant. If you are sad, unhappy, or unable to find meaning in your life, hug someone close to you.

This physical contact can give you meaning back to life, make you feel understood, and feel less lonely.

Other Benefits of Hugs

In addition to health benefits, hugs provide emotional and psychological benefits.

Increased Confidence and Stability

Hugs make you feel welcome and give you a sense of reassurance and comfort. These positive changes can be powerful enough to give a public presentation, pass an exam, or finally accept something you’ve been avoiding for a long time.

Give yourself a hug if you want to feel confident in an upsetting situation. You will feel relaxed and feel like you can do anything.

Reduced sensitivity

It stimulates blood circulation, so hugging when you feel intense anger can help calm your emotions. A hug can release all tension and calm the mind.

If you feel bad for no good reason, hug someone. Even hugging a colleague can be helpful.

Express your emotions

What better way to express love than a hug? This behavior allows us to express our emotions without saying a single word. No one knows the meaning of hugging. Hugs can convey meanings such as ‘You can lean on me’, ‘You are important to me’ , ‘I will protect you’, ‘I understand you’, and ‘I love you’.

Hugs make each other one, and both of you can benefit from it. So let’s hug more often from now on!


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