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Are you looking for an incredible lifestyle, business, Technology, Home Improvement, or entertainment, blog to share your inspired content or informative articles?

You are in a right place. Fresh Land Magazine is a huge platform that provides an opportunity to share your deep insights and experiences with thousands of our readers.

Feel free to write for us and send your guest posts that are closely related to the existing categories of our blog. The blog categories include; Finance, Business, Technology, Lifestyle, Parenting, Home Improvement, and Entertainment guest posts.

Why choose us?

You can choose us to share your creative content globally. We pledge to provide you with a great writing experience.  Our website works to share your useful ideas, articles, and informative blogs with a large group of masses.

Submit your guest post:

We gratify the experienced and newbie writers to share their expertise and artistic ideas via our site. If your content meets the guidelines of our guest post contribution, we assure to review your post in its turn and publish the content on our website.

Guidelines you need to follow for guest post submission:

Our email is always smashed with several post-placement requests and it is quite strenuous for us to respond to each of the mail properly. We retain different editors who review your emails and the content attached to it.

The editors approve only the content that is efficiently written to engage readers and adds value to the quality of our blog. We request our writer to opt for the guest posts that must be related to the lifestyle guest post, travel, and home improvement guest post.

Please go through the guidelines for submitting your articles;

Article’s Title:

The title of your article should be impressive and eye-catching. Come up with unique and engrossing tiles to attract our reader’s minds.

The topic of the guest post:

We love ideas that clink our reader’s minds. Ensure that the topics of your guest posts must be appealing to the audience. You can email us your selected topic before writing an article on it.

Content requirement:

The guest post must be well informed. It should be non-promotional, well written, and must be fulfilling all rules of grammar. We do not accept posts covering sensitive matters of life. Make sure that your article should be comprised of précised and useful information.

Word count for blog posts:

Since the word count matters the most. Lengthy articles make your content boring. We ask writers to present a quality write-up that should not be consisting of more than 1500 words.


You must have heard the quote “A picture is well worth than a thousand words”. Yes, we love to prefer the articles that include images alongside. But remember, the images must be copyright free and they are relevant to the content you are providing.


You can write about our interesting niches. For example, the home improvement guest posts, business guest posts, entertainment guest posts, health and lifestyle guest posts, family and parenting guest posts, and much more.

Select any of your desired niches and bring on an incredible write-up for our blog posts. We recommend our writers carefully read all of the post contribution guidelines and be among the best post contributor writers for our website.

For more information and queries contact us at FreshLandMagazine@gmail.com