How to Sell your Car. Few Basic Tips


No matter how nice and you love your iron horse, it’s time to replace it with a new one. If the car decides to leave that time, you need to think about how to sell it. The USSR is very diverse on this difficult issue. Let us cite a few.

The price factor

Let’s start with the definition of values. For navigation, it is worthwhile to find out what price a car should be priced, and find newspaper advertisements for the sale of cars with similar characteristics. If found, take a look at the highest and lowest prices. Because expensive cars are not always in high demand, the best selling value is their average price. When negotiating with a buyer, put the amount you plan to throw away into the price.

Car specifications and description

Advertisements should represent your machine. If you have air conditioning, high-quality speakers, and alloy wheels, it is worth mentioning. The better you describe your car, the more likely it will be sold. About the cons, of course, you don’t write. Write as a goal to buy and sell after buying.

Where to Place Your Ads

The maximum amount of advertising resources: newspapers, used car sales internet sites, and social networks. Of great interest are texts with pictures attached. When your car is ready for presale, make it right away. The device must be clean and of good quality.

Pre-sale preparation

If there is a problem with your car, it is best to liquidate it yourself. Sometimes this is not done because it is more appropriate to report the defect to the buyer and discount the repair amount when selling. It is also recommended to wash the car, do dry cleaning in the hairdresser’s office and wash the car before the show.

Some sellers eliminate the possibility of oil leaks by washing the car. However, it should be noted that this can give the buyer the idea that there is a malfunction in the operation of the system. So if the car is ok, you shouldn’t wash anything under the hood.

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Communication with buyers and execution of documents

If a potential buyer has already been found and is ready to inspect your car, you should have a calm and confident conversation. Don’t force yourself to buy a car. You can scare people away. However, with the machine’s excellent advertising quality and dignity, it can help sales.

Please tell me how the car behaves on the road. If you are unsure of his driving skills, you can pass it on to the buyer or take it yourself. Ask for a small deposit when the transaction is made. If a buyer suddenly decides to refuse a purchase, you can avoid wasting unnecessary time and save money. After that, you can safely rent a car from the register and enter into a sales contract.


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