Here is How Jason Momoa Stays in Shape

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You can train your muscles as much as you want without going to the gym and exercising. Today, let’s take a look at Jason Momoa’s functional muscle training.

Jason Momoa, famously known for his role as Aquaman, and Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones, maintains his figure through functional muscle training.

Gymnastics and functional training are equally effective.

Many actors who play the role of superheroes in the play reveal the process of preparing their bodies through social networks. Today, I would like to learn more about Jason Momoa’s functional muscle training.

What is functional muscle training?

Recently, more and more gyms offer functional muscle training classes. Hollywood star Jason Momoa also prefers functional muscle training instead of machine training.

It aims to improve the condition of the body for daily ‘body function’.

In other words, it is not a cosmetically good-looking muscle, but a useful training for daily life. Functional muscle training not only strengthens multiple joints but also stimulates balance. In fact, balance is a bodily function that plays an important role from the moment you wake up in the morning until you fall asleep again.

Functional muscle training done by Jason  Momoa not only increases muscle size, but also such for bending over, reaching for distant objects, and walking. It helps you do your daily activities.

Features of functional muscle training

The features of functional muscle training that differentiate it from other exercise routines are as follows.

  1. You train several muscles at the same time. One exercise routine should use your entire upper body, not just your biceps. Don’t forget that in real life, reaching for tall objects requires using the shoulder and elbow joints as well.
  2. Concentric and eccentric exercises. Since the muscles are fully stretched and relaxed in daily activities, it is necessary to train them with concentric and eccentric exercises. In machine exercise, all you do is contract the muscles while lifting the barbell, but in functional exercise, you must perform complete movements such as preparation, contracting, holding relaxation, and repetition.
  3. Includes unilateral movements. Functional muscle training promotes the balance necessary for daily living. When you exercise with your weight on only one side of your body, you need to supplement your strength to maintain your balance. Improving the tone of the muscle fibers that support posture can stimulate a sense of direction and indirectly strengthen the core.

Functional muscle training is chosen by Jason Momoa

If you’ve never done functional training before, let’s start with a few exercises selected by Jason Momoa.


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Bulgarian squat or split squat

The Bulgarian squat or split squat is a method of squatting with one foot on the same surface as a bench and maintaining balance.

Adding kettlebells can make the workout more difficult.

Jason Momoa did 6 sets of 10 reps on each leg.


Climbing can be done outdoors, such as indoor climbing centers or on rocks and ice, with the proper equipment. Climbing is a multi-joint exercise because you need to use a variety of muscles to hold a rock stable.

Also, to climb, your core muscles need to be strong. your abs are required to bring your upper body closer to the wall and overcome gravity. Continuous isotonic contraction of the abdominal muscles is required.

Jason Momoa is one of those actors who enjoy rock climbing.

Functional muscle training: Jason Momoa’s choice for staying in shape

Medicine ball

The medicine ball is a functional alternative to regular weight training.

Medicine balls come in a variety of weights and can be used to throw, rotate the axis of the body, or feel the centrifugal force. Exercises using the medicine ball can be done explosively or cut off slowly.

Medicine Ball is an exercise device suitable for functional training.


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