4 Tips for Comfortable Working from Home


Working from home is a blessing for some, a disaster for others. Due to the changes in the world, it is advised to work from home as much as possible. For many, it will already be a routine to work from home. That is why we have prepared 4 tips for you to make working from home more comfortable.

This is how you work comfortably from home

1) Get a good setup

A small adjustment in your work setup can make a world of difference. For example, a laptop standard supports good posture and a second screen makes it easy to work faster. In addition, an ergonomic mouse and keyboard are definitely recommended.

These items will prevent you from hurting your joints later on. An ergonomic office chair is good for a large investment. With the many hours, you now spend at your desk, it is certainly a good purchase to consider. This way you are assured of working from home without back problems.

An external monitor can potentially make your workday much more efficient. You’ll be able to cast an eye on documents and messages while also monitoring any social media activity in the foreground.

2) Dress for a working day

Of course, it’s tempting to go to work in your pajamas. You will then sit comfortably and the webcam will be off during the meetings. That can’t hurt, can it? Well, it is not stimulating. Getting dressed for a working day puts you in “work mode”. Of course, we support a comfortable look, but try to combine comfort and business in this case.

3) Add a pillow

Sitting on a hard surface is bad for your body. Of course, you have to sit firmly, but make sure you have a comfortable seating surface. For example, place a pillow on your desk chair or on your back.

As you may know, sitting is seen as the new smoking. Take a break every hour to exercise. Walk to the kitchen to grab a drink or go to the toilet. We also recommend a short walk during the lunch break!

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4) Establish a routine

Rolling out of bed at five to nine so you can start work at 9? It may sound tempting, but it’s certainly not a good idea. Also, be sure to stick to a morning routine when you work from home. It certainly doesn’t have to be complicated. Take a shower in the morning, get ready for the day and have a good breakfast.

Then make another cup of coffee after which you can start your working day from home completely refreshed. And because you no longer have to take travel time into account, you can still get out of bed a little later.


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